Which areas of the body does Cooltone contouring target?

Cooltone sculpting is the process of freezing and killing targeted fat cells. Unlike other fat removal procedures, it is noninvasive, which has made it a trendy option for those looking to remove unwanted fat from problem areas. The course lasts about half an hour, and over the next few weeks, the body naturally removes the dead cells, which can never grow back. People usually expect a twenty to twenty-five percent fat reduction in the targeted area.

The FDA cleared cooltone sculpting, scientifically known as cryolipolysis, in 2010. It’s possible to freeze fat and leave the skin intact. Continue reading the article to find out what parts of your body cooltone sculpting in Sculpt Spa can help in removing unwanted fat.

  • Under the chin jawline: Known as a double chin, this particular location of fat can be tough to get rid of. Some people are genetically disposed to have a full chin, regardless of their body fat content. If you’ve tried in vain to get rid of fat under your jawline, cooltone sculpting might be the right choice for you.
  • Inner and outer thighs: Thigh fat is famously resistant to exercise. If you are interested in looking good in a bikini or if you simply want to fit into your pants better, a cooltone sculpting procedure could be the answer you are looking for.
  • Abdomen: A flat stomach is one of the most fantastic confident boosters when it comes to body image. Suppose making almost all your clothes fit better cryolipolysis may be the answer.
  • Bra or back fat: Bra fat is located between your breast and armpit. It often spills over the bra strap, and many women find it unattractive.
  • Underneath the buttocks: Often called banana rolls, this deposit of fat gathers beneath the buttocks and can create a bulge that makes pants hard to wear. Unfortunately, for many, banana rolls don’t disappear with exercise and diet due to the genetic disposition of the person. Sometimes, an external procedure is the only option available for those looking to get rid of those pesky banana rolls. Cooltone sculpting’s noninvasive nature has made it a popular choice for this procedure.
  • Upper arms: Upper arm fat can be the last thing to go for many who have successfully undertaken a weight loss journey. For many, no matter how hard they try, that pesky arm fat won’t disappear. A procedure like cooltone sculpting could be the final move to achieve their perfect body.

What to Expect at a Cooltone Sculpting Spa

A good sculpting spa should offer a stress-free environment, with amenities such as plush lounge robes, entertainment, such as smart TVs, and a healthy assortment of snacks and beverages. Additionally, there should be other services offered at the spa too, such as infrared saunas, to help revitalize the body after the procedure. In fact, infrared saunas have been shown to increase the speed at which the body gets rid of dead fat cells after a cooltone procedure and offer many other health benefits such as detoxing, calorie loss, and muscle recovery. So if you are interested in visiting a spa that provides cooltone sculpting, make sure to research the bonus features they offer.

Get Cooltone Sculpting Today

Cooltone sculpting has soared in popularity over the last few years due to its success rate and noninvasive nature. It allows people to safely target annoying fat areas that won’t go away no matter how healthy they eat and the amount of exercise they do. After reading this article, you should understand the specific areas you can target with cooltone sculpting. If any of these areas are problems, consider booking a cooltone procedure today.


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