CGEIT – Fees, Qualifications Required, and the Course Overview

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) program is designed for IT professionals who are known for directing, managing, and supporting the governance of IT. CGEIT certification helps professionals to support advanced IT governance and increase their credibility.

This is a four hours exam where you have to answer 150 multiple-choice questions. You can decide on a test location online and can choose between a test center, or a kiosk. At a test center, you have to undergo a live proctored exam along with other exam takers, while at a kiosk location you have to appear for the exam alone on a small workstation.

Qualifications Required for CGEIT Certification Training

There is no post-graduate degree required to get a CGEIT certification. However, aspirants are supposed to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. But to qualify for the exams you must have a minimum of five years’ work experience along with one year working in managing frameworks and the balance of four working in at least two out of the other five domains.

This is a special certification that is designed only for professionals who are well beyond the entry-level of their careers.

CGEIT Certification Overview

CGEIT is a world-renowned credential and provides the candidates with an in-depth understanding and manage IT governance.

The candidates who want to get this certification need to clear a four-hour exam and have to answer 150 questions that cover the following domains:

  • Domain 1 – Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • Domain 2 – Strategic Management
  • Domain 3 – Benefits Realization
  • Domain 4 – Risk Optimization

CGEIT Certification Cost India 2022

The CGEIT certification costcomprises an exam cost and training cost.

  • CGEIT Exam Cost: Exam cost basically depends on ISACA’s (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) membership. ISACA is a professional association that focuses on IT governance.

The exam fee is further divided into two categories:

  • $575 for members
  • $760 for non-members

However, an Indian individual has to spend around Rs67500-75000 as a CGEIT exam fee.

All candidates have to maintain a certain number of continuing professional education (CPE) hours over an annual and three-year certification period. For members of ISACA 20 CPE hours are required and the annual maintenance cost for the same is $45. Similarly, for non-members 120 CPE hours with an annual maintenance cost of $85 is mandatory.

It is important to note that the goal of CPE is to ensure that all the CSIAs maintain the level with adequate current knowledge in the field of privacy. This ensures that your skills are always up to the mark and most relevant to the industry’s practices.

How to Prepare for the CGEIT Exam

The best method to prepare yourself and pass the exam on the first attempt is by taking the help of professional coaching institutes. There are expert instructors who can guide you to help understand the critical concepts needed to clear the CGEIT exam. Many coaching schools provide customizable solutions to help you prepare for the exams. You can attend a CGEIT certification training program to prepare. They offer industry-certified practitioners with years of experience to help you excel in CGEIT exams.

You can also download resource materials from the ISACA, for your self-study sessions. Or, you can join the ISACA’s CGEIT exam study community, where you can find other professionals preparing for the same exam. You can connect with them to discuss your problems, and share their thoughts to understand more about these exams.

Final Step for Becoming Certified CGEIT

Once you meet all the work experience requirements and pass your exam, you still have to apply for the certification with ISACA. You can follow the steps below to finalize your application for the CGEIT certification.

  • Pay the Application Fee: You have to pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee for the certification. Just log into your MyISACA account, and pay your application fee to get the certification.
  • Download the CGEIT Application:You will have to download the CGEIT application. Note that you have five years from the time you pass your certification exam in order to apply for the CGEIT application.
  • Application Submission and Processing:The last step is to submit your duly filled application. You have to wait for a period of about three to four weeks to allow ISACA to process the application.


Whether you are longing for a new career opportunity or you want to grow within your current organization by enhancing your skills, a CGEIT certification proves your expertise in various work-related domains. This certification brings the knowledge needed to align IT with business strategies to meet industries specific goals. It helps provide excellence in IT operations and governance by minimizing risks. A CGEIT certification training provider can help you achieve your goal of being CGEIT certified.

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