Familiarise Yourself With These 9 Makeup Tactics As A Beginner

If you are looking to learn makeup techniques for yourself or to apply makeup professionally, there are some tips and tricks you surely want to know! A short makeup course in Sydney will surely teach you the basics of makeup application and how to use your brushes, products, identify face shapes and select the right colours for your clients, but you can already try these makeup tips for yourself or on your friends!

-To colour match your foundation, try the shade on your chest: 

Colour matching face and body is a must when applying makeup. To perfectly colour match the face and body, you should try a dot of foundation on your jawline but also on your chest. To choose the right shade, try a few different ones and select the one that perfectly blends into the skin.

-Apply colour correction with your foundation:

If you have some redness on the face, it might be a good option to use a foundation with a neutral undertone. Foundations with a cool undertone would make the redness more visible when a neutral shade will already soften the unwanted red undertone. You can apply the same technique for an olive undertone, using a peach base foundation to counteract the green visible onto the skin. If you are to explore more techniques for colour theory, join a short makeup course in Sydney! A short course is the ideal first step to understand which colours you should choose for a range of clients.

-Place a mirror under your chin when creating eyes makeup and applying false lashes:

This makeup tip is specific for personal makeup applications. If you are struggling to create your own eyes makeup, try to place a mirror below your face. Looking down will help you see your eyelid and apply makeup correctly. It is also an excellent technique to use to apply false lashes.

-Use a concealer brush to apply lipstick: 

Concealer brushes are usually wider and have a rounded tip. The end of the brush is ideal to create a perfectly rounded cupid bow. You can simply use the shape of the brush to print the colour to the lips and then perfect your design with the brush.

-Use concealer as an eyeshadow base: 

When applying makeup to the eyelid, the foundation can be too creamy and make the eyeshadow crease. The concealer has a dryer texture that will help to hold the pigments and facilitate the blending process. If your eyelids are very oily, you can use a bit of loose powder on the top of the concealer before applying eyeshadows.

-Apply a blue pencil to your upper eyelid:

 If you are tired or your eyes are red, you can use a blue pencil on the waterline of your upper eyelid. If you place the pencil in the waterline, the colour will not be noticed but it will make the white of the eyes look brighter.

-Use a hair doughnut to clean your brushes

The material of the hair doughnut, usually used for padding, is very similar to the one created to clean brushes. You can simply swap used brushes on the doughnut to remove the excess of product and swatch a new shade. This technique can only be used if you are using the same brush for one client or for yourself as brushes need to be sanitised between clients.

-Smile when applying lipstick! 

A common mistake is to apply lipstick too far down at the bottom lip. Smiling lips closed will help you to visualise the edges of your lips for a smoother look and precise makeup application.

-Mix your shades of highlighters: 

Using gold and pink highlighters mixed together creates stunning highlights that can suit most skin tones! Create your own customised shades. You can use this technique with any makeup product and even use your existing lipsticks as blush or even eyeshadows! Liquid lipstick can also be used as an eyeshadow base as it will stay for the day without compromising the colour or creasing.

So many makeups hack to learn! A short makeup course will surely teach you all the techniques, tips and tricks you will need to start applying to clients. When providing professional makeup services, it is essential that you also learn the fundamentals including safety and hygiene. Enrol now a short makeup course in Sydney and start your dream career today!


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