Why Are Steel Targets Important?

If you plan on practicing your shooting skills at the range, you must ensure you’re using proper steel targets. Steel targets made from AR500 steel are some of the best money can buy and will last longer than softer steels. They are also more abrasion resistant, which makes them more effective at absorbing bullet impact and reducing the risk of ricochets. Not only will this help you maintain safety, but it will also make your experience more fun.

High Brinell Hardness Number

Origin Target Systems AR500 targets have a higher Brinell Hardness Number than soft steel targets, so they can handle the high velocity of bullets and withstand impact without deforming or causing dangerous dents and craters. They also have a sturdy flat surface that directs bullets to ricochet safely and will last for years. When determining the hardness of a steel target, it is essential to know the steel’s Brinell Hardness Number (BHN). This number is obtained by pressing a tungsten carbide ball against the metal. Depending on the test method, this test can be done on various materials and hardness ranges. However, BHN is commonly used to rate the hardness of metals and can be calculated with any Brinell hardness tester.

Abrasion Resistance

Steel targets are used for several applications, including shooting, heavy equipment, and mining. They’re also crucial in areas requiring high abrasion resistance. Abrasion is a type of wear that occurs when an abrasive agent (hard irregularities or particles) cuts or gouges through the surface of a material. The hardness of the abrasive agent determines how effectively it cuts through the material. Using high-carbon, heat-treated material like AR500 steel plate allows for increased abrasion resistance. However, abrasion-resistant material can be more expensive than standard mild carbon steel or high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) grades. Generally, abrasion-resistant material with a higher Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) is harder and more resistant to abrasion than lower BHN materials.

Impact Resistance

are a great way to practice shooting, as they provide instant feedback on the result of your shot. This can help you build muscle memory for more consistent accuracy. When a bullet strikes a steel target, it will generate tremendous force. That force is a combination of the mass of the bullet, its impact angle, and velocity. Those forces create bending and dents in theSteel targets target. Fortunately, through-hardened steels like AR500 can resist this. Another reason steel targets are essential is their ability to dissipate the energy of a bullet strike by bouncing or falling. This makes them an ideal choice for indoor shooting ranges, as they can be used repeatedly without requiring much maintenance or replacement.

Resistance to Deformation

Your steel target is essential whether you’re a competitive shooter or just a weekend plinker. You want it to last, and you don’t want it to be deformed or damaged. Two primary damage modes wear down a steel target, bending and pitting. Bending causes a target to stretch or distort and creates the risk of bullets ricocheting in unpredictable patterns. Fortunately, both of these damage modes can be avoided by choosing suitable steel targets.


Most shooting accidents are avoidable if care is taken to follow safety guidelines and use proper ammunition. The key to safe target use is to choose a high-quality steel target made from properly hardened steel. The high Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) of AR500 steel allows it to take repeated impacts from heavy rifle rounds without deforming or chipping. It also has the right balance of hardness and flexibility to resist cracking from effects. It should be hung at the appropriate angle and distance for your weapon caliber and bullet type.


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