Why use RD Aggarwal solutions for class 10

The most important reason for taking math seriously in all grades is that it helps in developing problem-solving skills. Moreover, all students require to recognize how to think analytically about a query. With the attitudes of thinking and reasoning about mathematics, you can prepare your mind to understand concepts, and solve problems more efficiently. Also, maths can be easily applied in daily life. While NCERT is usually considered ample for preparing for class 10 maths, indulging in some reference books has never hurt anyone. And one of the most reliable that all class 10 students know of is RS Aggarwal. RS Aggarwal is one of the numerous outstanding works with an immense amount of intricacies to solve.

Here are the advantages of using RS Aggarwal as your go-to reference book for class 10th math:

  • Best for review: This is the best book when it comes to revision. The questions are hard-hitting and need skills but they are very brief and complete in their formation. It is one of the highly acclaimed books for a general revision to gain the best score. The RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 are very uncomplicated in their making and are best for concept clearing. 
  • High-order thinking skill-building: RS Aggarwal is full of high-order thinking problems which help in developing rational reasoning skills. You will be able to address your problems with diverse skills with the help of RS Aggarwal.
  • Simplified language: The expressions used in RS Aggarwal are very intelligent and complete which helps in a brief knowledge of the topic.
  • Questions for every topic: Because of the brevity of this book you can go through all of the chapters and topics in the book.                                                              

Real Numbers: Refer to the RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 1 to scrutinize the theory of real numbers. Get a clear understanding of what rational numbers and whole numbers are. Review the utilization of real numbers which is illustrated briefly in this book. Practice from the solutions to get a clear picture of topics like Euclid’s division Lemma, LCM, and HCF.

Polynomials: Learn about polynomials and how to use them. The detailed solutions provided by RS Aggarwal will help you to resolve questions based on determining polynomials. The concept of zeros of polynomials is also important to understand from an examination point of view.

Pairs of Linear Equations in Two Variables: RS Aggarwal helps you in understanding the graphical as well as algebraic techniques to determine linear equations. Some relevant topics of this chapter are the cross-multiplication method and the elimination method to solve linear-equation questions.

Triangles: Topics like Euclid’s propositions regarding triangles and classification of triangles are easy to understand with RS Aggarwal solutions. To get an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of triangles and the different types of triangles you should solve examples and questions by RS Aggarwal.

Trigonometric Ratios: Practice Pythagoras’ theorem and theories such as quotient relation of T-Ratios, reciprocal relation of T-Ratios, T-Ratios of acute angles, T-Ratios of angles that are distinct to excel in this chapter.

T-Ratios of Some Particular Angles: You should practice the T-Ratios of some distinct angles from RS Aggarwal and concepts like T-Ratios of 30°, 60°, and 90° angles. Also, get acquainted with the axioms of T-Ratios of 90°, 0° angles from the many-many questions available in RS Aggarwal.

Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles: RS Aggarwal guides you in learning trigonometric ratios of complementary angles. You will be able to find numerous questions about the concept of complementary angles and trigonometric ratios.

Trigonometric Identities: Use RS Aggarwal solutions to understand all the trigonometric identities. Solve multiple-choice questions on trigonometric identities to knock out this chapter.

Mean, Median, Mode: Understand the concept of frequency distribution, mean mode, and median using RS Aggarwal solutions. Get an idea regarding grouped data by determining the mean, median, and mode by practicing. Also, know the different methods of calculating them.

Quadratic Equations: With RS Aggarwal, quadratic equations will become as easy as possible for you. You get to surmise the quadratic equations and their working. Learn the quadratic polynomials and the correct way to solve them. 

Arithmetic Progressions: With RS Aggarwal you get to learn the concepts of Arithmetic Progressions in great detail. Learn about data representation and arithmetic progression with the rational-skill needing questions.

Circles: Understand the structure of circles and concepts such as radius, diameter, arc, tangent, circumference, etc. Refer to RS Aggarwal’s comprehensive solutions to understand the questions in more detail.

Constructions: Exercise the formation of geometric shapes completely to understand the construction of shapes such as isosceles triangle, angle bisectors, octagons, and intersecting lines.

Height and Distance: This chapter is an easy one and can be surmounted with the help of regular revision.

Probability: Discern how to travel around ascertaining probability as per the given data by solving more and more questions about it.

Coordinate Geometry: Get to know how to find the measure between points in a plane as per the provided data. Learn about medians, area of a triangle, collinear points, line segment, and diagonals of a rectangle, etc. 

Perimeter and areas of plane figures: vise: This chapter talks about the concepts of area of a quadrilateral, area of an isosceles triangle, etc.

Area of Circle, Sector, and Segment: Study circle-related formulas, radius, the circumference of a circle, area of a quadrant of a circle, the diameter of a circle, and more. 

Volume and Surface Areas of Solids: RS Aggarwal solutions help you in understanding the surface area of a cuboid, surface area of a hemisphere, surface area of a cylinder, etc.


  • Latest patterns & topics: RS Aggarwal is full of all the latest patterns of questions that CBSE has published including any new topic or extension of a chapter.

NCERT books are best for maths but you’ll always need more books to develop your skills. If you practice the quality of Maths problems from RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths you can administer all the problems that come before you more efficiently. 


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