Your Next Employee of the Month May Live In an Entirely Different Country

The hybrid work model has been received with open arms by many companies. I mean, who wouldn’t want 100% productivity for his employees? Studies have shown that employees who work from home are more productive than those who work in the office.

The urge to experiment with hybrid work models amongst business owners is on the rise, and yes! The next employee of the month award might go to a foreign employee since employees are hired from different parts of the world without any hassle.

The Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model is when employers give their employees the liberty to work whenever they feel productive. They can choose to work in the office partially and at home or co-working space partially; this does not invalidate the 8 hours per day of work hours.

The hybrid work model may seem new, but it is not.

Way before the pandemic, some fast forward-thinking business owners already initiated work from anywhere for the benefit of their company, their existing employees, and potential employees. This gives them an edge to hire foreigners and boosts their business since they are not limited to hiring locally.

Why Your Next Employee of the Month May Live In an Entirely Different Country

It is tradition to recognize outstanding employees weekly, monthly, or annually. With the hybrid work model, your next employee of the month may be a foreigner, and the reasons are listed below;

  1. COVID-19 Aftermath

It’s no longer news that most countries are lifting off travel ban, and the recent one is that of Saudi Arabia, where Muslim pilgrims are allowed to visit for their annual rites. Even though countries have relaxed the ban, employees who have experienced working from home during the pandemic do not wish to return back to the office.

Employers also noticed an increase in productivity of their employees during the pandemic hence the reason why most employers are in full support of the hybrid world model. When business resumed fully in 2021, hiring took a reform; potential candidates are the generation Z and millennials who prefer the new work model to the former.

Hiring strategy also took a reform due to the adopted work model. Now, companies have employees who live miles away from the office without hindering the company’s growth.

  1. PEO Services

With the new hiring strategies, companies no longer stress themselves when they need a capable hand. There are companies that hire on their behalf; PEO companies are known for their hiring skills, and they hire with or without you having a legal entity in the country.

Sometimes, the talent your company needs might not be available in your country, hence the need to go international for an expert. With PEO, you can hire foreigners working for your company from anywhere in the world.

PEO companies help you recruit without claiming ownership of your business, although they will be in charge of the employees’ payroll, employees benefits, legal services, and the like.

  1. Freelance Platforms

Most companies are taking laws into their own hands by recruiting part-time or full-time employees on freelancing platforms. These platforms connect reputable freelancers with skills with companies that need their services.

You can have a business you are managing in the Netherlands and seek the service of freelancers in the United States through platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, or Fiverr. After reaching an agreement with the freelancers and hiring them, you can manage them on the freelance platforms or other platforms that aid team coordination like Skype, Slack, Polly, and Kama. There are a lot of freelancers that offer a variety of services from a personal assistant to blogging, social media, and much more.

Team management apps or platforms serve as an online co-working space for freelancers where they can interact with each other, seek, and render help with a project while working miles apart from each other at their convenience.


The workspace is undergoing some tremendous changes, as we have seen with the post-pandemic era, where employees now work at their own convenience without hindering productivity or hurting the company.

A well-known tradition amongst companies is honoring their most-outstanding employees with awards, gifts, and monetary items monthly or annually. Due to the latest developments in the business sector, your next employee of the month award might be going to an employee living miles away.





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