What are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon?

If you want to make money selling on Amazon, finding the right product can be challenging. You will need to do a lot of research to figure out which products to sell. Finding a product with fewer competitors will be challenging. There are millions of products to sell and over 40 product categories on Amazon, from clothing to the latest electronic gadgets.

This article can help you learn more about the best products to sell on Amazon.

First of all, simply because a product is a best-seller on Amazon doesn’t mean you should sell it. Before you find a top seller, you should understand the key features to identify a profitable product to sell on Amazon. They are:


Find the products that have high demand. It means that your product should have an extensively high order rate in whichever category you sell in. The easiest way to find a high-demand product will be by checking the best-sellers or most-wished product list. This can give you a sneak into which products are in high demand.


You should be selling products with low competition. Higher competition means your chance of success will be less. So, we recommend categories with an overall low number of sellers, brands, and sponsored products.

Profit margins

It is the percentage of the amount that a company receives as income after deducting expenditures. Making a profit is always the goal when selling anything, wherever.

The ideal choice will be anyone who is looking to sell on Amazon with high-demand items and large profit margins. Through this, you will be able to understand whether you can make a decent profit with the products you sell or not.

The revenue potential

is a potential income source that can make a profit.

Overhead costs

The costs involved in running a business that isn’t related to creating or manufacturing a product or service are known as overhead costs.

Different characteristics of a good product

These are different characteristics of knowing which products to sell on Amazon,

The retail price should be from $25 – USD 50

According to reports, the sales of products in this price range are often better. The main reason for this is that they pay for certain direct expenses like the price of the items sold, the cost of advertising, and Amazon seller fees. If you charge more than $50, your conversion rate, or the proportion of individuals who view your goods and buy them, declines.

Avoid seasonal products

We are looking for products to sell all year round, not just during specific seasonal times. So if you choose a seasonal product to sell, then you will get a profit only during the seasons and for the rest of the year, you will be at a loss.

Find products that are simple to manufacture

You don’t want to see issues with the production and quality control processes. Therefore, look for things that are not delicate and can be produced quickly. It would be nice if you don’t choose products like glass, electronics, and other complicated products.

Small and lightweight

If the products are small and lightweight, they will be easy and cost-effective to import.

Five methods to narrow down your research

Now that you have figured out which products to sell, here are five methods that will help you narrow down your research

Manually research Amazon

Start with Amazon’s best-selling items in a certain category if you want to research popular products on Amazon. After that, start looking at the subcategories to focus on a niche.

You can also check the “Customers also bought” section while viewing Amazon’s best-sellers list to receive suggestions for related products.

Once you’ve created a list of the products you want, use SellerApp’s product intelligence to see whether there is any search volume for those items, which suggests a level of demand.

Use tools to research popular products

There are popular tools and chrome extensions that are used to help conduct keyword research on Amazon.

With the help of the SellerApp Chrome extension, you can boost your Amazon sales while on the road. In addition to the SellerApp web app, you can explore the online market while using their Chrome extension to research. Outstanding features include FBA fee estimates, keyword tracking, buy box metrics, and listing quality scores – all you need for a successful product launch.

Find the gap in the market

Using the Chrome extension described above, look for products with a high monthly sales volume and low rivalry. But a straightforward organic search on Amazon can potentially turn up a gap.

For instance, there are over 10,000 results for “umbrella” when I searched, but only 3000 for “windproof umbrella.”

This is a simple example, there can be instances when you need to focus your product search in order to discover a gap to stand out on Amazon. There are already many people selling umbrellas, but the website might not have a particular style or feature.

Find products that don’t have tight competition

It will probably be exceedingly challenging to stand out from the competition and get the desired number of sales if you’re trying to sell a product that now has 100,000 search results.

Fortunately, it’s rather simple to identify a less-competitive niche inside a large market, ensuring that your product is more easily discovered by us.

Search products categories that come in BSR

The Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of an item on Amazon takes into account both recent and previous sales. A seller must be aware that a high BSR implies that the product has good sales volume and selling momentum.

 5 best product categories to sell on Amazon

Here are the top 5 categories that you can sell on Amazon:

  • Electronics
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Books

Use the right tools like SellerApp, to understand which profitable products to sell. You have different options like product research, product sourcing, and keyword research which will help you to know the right product to sell.


A large e-commerce marketplace like Amazon offers a lot of opportunities for business. With many sellers on the platform and several competitors, it can be difficult to face the competition.

You should conduct thorough market research to determine which items are ideal to offer on Amazon in order to seize the chance. Anyway, what really matters is how many repeat customers you have, along with how much you sell each day. This will help you become an Amazon bestseller.

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Arishekar has over 10 years of experience in marketing analytics and SEO. He has worked as a Digital Specialist for the tech giant IBM and most recently as the Senior Marketing Specialist for ZioTive Technologies where he enhanced their site structure by increasing website and mobile usability. Previously, he worked as a Senior SEO Analyst for Star Group where he was responsible for managing SEO Audits and analytics.


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