13 Web Design Tips for an Optimized San Antonio Website

When you have a business, putting up a website would help you reach out to more potential customers, so it is a must. But making a website is not enough, getting a professionally made web design in San Antonio would help you improve your bounce rate and get you higher up on the search engine rankings of these top search engines, making it easier for people to find you.

Putting blogs on your website would have to be a must. Not only would it boost your Search Engine Optimization, but it could also improve your bounce rates because your visitors would stay longer on your website reading what you have written there. Having blogs would encourage your visitors to keep coming back, linger a bit longer, and then hopefully become one of your paying customers.

  • Declutter your site for faster load times

It is important that your website loads fast or else the potential customers would only grow impatient and click off since they would just be frustrated. So improving the loading time would really be beneficial for you. 

Sometimes, all you are going to have to do to make sure that your website loads fast is to declutter it. You could start by truncating your image files, minifying the code of your website, getting rid of some of the plugins that you do not need, and making sure that you are using a host that works for you.

  • Include a contact page

You always have to include your contact page on your website since this would give people the information on how they could contact you in case they have any questions or concerns they want to bring up to you personally. 

A lot of website owners put their contacts at the footer of the website, but you actually have to make sure that it is easily found since this would have to be one of the most important pages on your website. 

  • Include an FAQ

Dedicate a page or section of your website to your Frequently Asked Questions since this is probably the first place they would go to for any unanswered questions they may have about the services you are able to provide or the products that you sell. 

  • Include social share buttons

In every blog post that you have on your website, a smart move is to add social media share buttons, this would help them share your content without actually having to leave your content. Doing this would help build your brand awareness while contributing to the bounce rate of your website since they would not have to click off to share.

  • Include testimonials or reviews

The quickest way for you to help build a rapport with your potential customers is by including some of the reviews and testimonials of your previous customers on your website. But don’t only add the good ones, make sure that you are adding honest reviews because your customers would be able to tell.

  • Make your layout responsive

A lot of the natural traffic that comes into your website actually comes from mobile devices since that would have to be the gadget that your customers are probably using when they are visiting your page. 

So making sure that your website is responsive to any kind of device is pivotal since it would allow your website to adjust to any device it would be opened on.

  • Optimize your site for conversions

You do not have to make your website complex, in fact, you have to make it as simple as possible so that they would be able to go to your homepage easily. When you make your website too confusing and complicated to use, chances are your visitors are only going to click off and look at what they are looking for elsewhere. 

Make sure that people visiting your website for the first time would be able to navigate their way around. You could help them by adding navigation and making your primary conversion points big and bold.

  • Simplify navigation

Putting in complicated navigation would only make your customers click away. Make your navigation system simple. You could use a menu bar for a more centralized navigation system, and add some buttons that your visitors could use to get to the page they need to go to much faster. 

  • Use a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an effective way for you to tell people where to go, which goes well with optimizing your website. You have to make the most important features in your website eye-catching so that they will see them first. You could do this by making the font bold and large, adding bright colors would also help. 

  • Use colors effectively

There are a lot of ways you could use colors effectively, and this would also add a little something to your website. When your readers could not understand what you have on your website, they are not going to take the time to try and read it. 

You have to make sure that the color combinations that you use for your website compliments each other. Having a bright background paired with bright-colored fonts would only make the text unreadable, but it goes the same with choosing a dark background and dark font. 

Pick combinations that would allow your readers to actually read your content.

  • Use infographics

When you use a huge block of texts for your website, it would most probably overwhelm your visitors and click away because they would not want to read further since it makes it super hard to read your content. But adding infographics to your website instead would help organize your website while keeping your website informative. 

  • Use unique, eye-catching images

Along with the smart use of white space, you should also have eye-catching pictures on your website because this could attract customers. In putting in pictures, you have to make sure that the quality of the picture is high, and investing in these HD images would be a great investment in the long run.

Especially when you are not really experienced in running a website, it tends to be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to add all of these to your website. The good news is that there are web design companies that you could work with that would help you with it!


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