4 Top Jobs You Can Get with a Diploma in IT

Due to the recent technological advancements and innovations, there has been an increasing demand for information technology professionals. If you have limited resources and you want to get into the information technology field, you can consider studying for a diploma in IT so that you can tap into the never-ending opportunities. Recent surveys show that high school graduates are rushing to enroll in a diploma in IT as the need for technical and scientific services continues to rise. With a diploma in IT, you can get into one of the following career paths:

  1. ICT manager

The primary role of an ICT manager is to keep track of an organization’s computer systems and networks. The ICT manager also plans and organizes for the maintenance of networks and also analyzes the areas that require development. The ICT manager ensures that all systems are secure and that all protocols are followed to minimize cybersecurity threats from both internal and external sources. The ICT manager role has been growing each year rapidly. To become an ICT manager, you must have excellent management, leadership, interpersonal, and administration skills.

  1. Web developer

Statistics show that the demand for web developers is rising. A web developer is responsible for back-end programming, building websites, creating content, and scripting. Web development is a role that requires a lot of creativity and analytical skills. These are required to handle various utilities and tools to ensure a website functions as required and to improve user experience. Web developers are required in almost all fields. As technology grows, every field is adopting the use of computers configured to suit their needs. Web developers also have operational skills. 

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  1. ICT support officer

The general duties of an ICT support officer in any organization include installing, diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing computer devices and systems. An ICT support officer also is involved in the setup and configuration of networks, programs and solving minor issues that affect the normal functioning of the system. An ICT support officer is also knowledgeable in troubleshooting, programming, and handling circuit boards, processors, chips, among other parts.

  1. Computer network professional

Every business that uses systems requires a network structure that runs optimally. This means that a computer network expert is required to analyze and build an exceptional network structure that serves the organization’s needs. A computer network expert is responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and technical improvements of computer networks to enhance performance. The need for computer network experts is projected to grow by at least 10% each year. If you undertake a diploma in IT to become a computer network professional, you must emphasize more on telecommunication, systems, and operations analysis.

In conclusion, these are some jobs that you can get if you undertake a diploma in information technology. You can choose to learn full-time or part-time depending on your schedule and the resources at hand. 


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