5 things to consider before hiring a SEO consultant

Seo is a necessity for every business these days rather than a luxury. That is one of the main reasons you need to hire a Seo consultant as soon as possible.

The problem is that when you search for a Seo consultant in Singapore, you will come across numerous options with no way to know which one is the best. However, there are a few things to consider which will help you filter out the Seo consultants in Singapore and choose the best one. We will highlight these factors below.

  1. Experience:

The algorithms of search engines are changing at a rapid pace. To keep pace with these changes, you need an experienced Seo consultant in Singapore. That is why; you have to directly ask Seo consultants about their experience or browse their website to know more about their experience.

Only if they have been on the Seo field for five years or more can you go ahead and hire one of them.

  1. Testimonials:

Testimonials speak a lot about the service provider. Rather than just trusting the sales pitch and the claims of the Seo consultant, it is a good idea to go through their testimonials.

Of course, the more the testimonials, the better it is. However, you can inquire from them regarding the references as well. You can speak with those references and ascertain yourself before hiring the Seo consultant. That way, you can certainly choose the best Seo consultant from the lot.

  1. Timeframe:

Ranking your website is not an overnight job. However, it does not take a couple of years either. That is why; you have to enquire from the consultant regarding the timeframe of ranking your website for the relevant keywords.

Only when you’re okay with that timeframe can you go ahead and hire that consultant.

You have to keep in mind that when it comes to Seo, there are no shortcuts and therefore, a couple of months more is better than hiring a Seo consultant who might not use the industry-standard practices.

  1. Budget:

Of course, the cost of ranking your website will vary depending on the Seo consultant home you hire. It is a good idea to take a formal quotation from the Seo consultant before hiring one. That way, you will know right away whether the Seo consultant is within your budget or not.

If you haven’t decided on your budget, that is the first thing which you should do before approaching any prospective Seo consultant.

  1. Longevity of results:

Any Seo consultant can spend thousands of links towards your websites and rank you in a short time. However, over the next few months, your website will be penalized by search engines and most likely won’t ever rank again.

That is why, when interviewing prospective Seo consultants, you have to enquire about the longevity of the results.

To do so, you have to ask them a few questions like:

  • What kind of techniques do you use to rank websites?
  • Are these techniques as per the industry standard?
  • What is the longest your client website is ranked by keyword? (This should be at least one year to 18 months)

When you ask them these questions, you will gain a general idea regarding the results. You will get a decent ROI only when your website ranks on the front page for a few months or years.

Once you consider these five things while hiring a Seo consultant in Singapore, it is easy to hire the best and get the results you want.


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