What Is Aluminum Die Casting Technology

In the manufacture of complex structures in the industry, a method is used in which the material is supplied under high pressure. Parts can have a variety of configurations, as well as acceptable parameters of accuracy and roughness on the surface. Aluminium die cast manufacturing alloys is an automated process that increases productivity and quality and reduces costs.

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

The production of aluminum alloys under pressure is a demanded process in which metal products of the required shape and complexity are obtained. With the help of this method, in production, they achieve increased quality, reliability, as well as the required strength for the workpiece.

In the foundry, the molten metal is poured into a manufactured mold under high pressure by a special mechanism. The form is a device consisting of two parts, which are disconnected if necessary.

This method differs from analogs in high accuracy, which is why it is possible to avoid rejects in the process, which is an advantage. Products manufactured under pressure are used in the automotive and aircraft industries, as well as in some devices.

Features of the industrial process

According to the casting technology, the material, heated to a temperature of 600�C, enters a prepared mold made of steel at increased pressure. The main differences of the method from similar ones:

  • ¬†accelerated heating of the workpiece to a critical value at which melting occurs;
  • thanks to automatic control, the raw material is precisely dosed;
  • increased pressure, at which it is possible to manufacture products of complex geometry;
  • automation of production, as a result of which the intervention of manual labor is excluded;
  • increased productivity and speed, which reduces energy costs.

Necessary equipment

After casting, the material does not require processing; as a result, finished parts and assemblies are obtained.

For this method in the industry, special equipment is used, machines with hot and cold chambers, provided that the parameters are met.

Melting tanks with high heating temperatures are used to make alloys containing zinc. In this case, the material is fed into the mold at a low speed, as a result, it is completely filled.

Alloys containing magnesium and copper additives are poured under high pressure up to 700 MPa. Thanks to this method, productivity in the industry is increased while reducing labor intensity.

When choosing equipment for the aluminium die cast manufacturing alloys, manufacturers recommend taking into account some necessary technical parameters:

the own weight of the casting affects the equipment of the mechanism with additional means, such as pumping stations, as well as piston installations;

according to the dimensional characteristics, the production premises are prepared, and ventilation is also installed on their basis; When buying, the consumer is guided by the performance indicators, on which the cost of the equipment depends.

Casting units are large in size and are used in production facilities, but technology allows us to produce small machines that are used in workshops. All mechanisms are equipped with software-controlled systems, as well as temperature and pressure sensors. With their help, the operator can control the process.


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