Car Shipping: 8 Tips for Hiring a Car Transport Company

Did you know a lot of people moved south during the pandemic? Packing and moving your vehicle can feel overwhelming. If you want some tips on car shipping, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about car shipping tips and how to spot a reputable provider. You will also know why you should consider shipping it instead of driving it yourself.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

  1. Use an Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer

You could look at shipping your vehicle in either an enclosed or open trailer.

An available trailer might cost you less, but it leaves you open to more risks. You might end up with a damaged vehicle from the road debris or even experience a theft.

Most of the time, vehicles on an open trailer will get secured with chains. Reputable enclosed shipping companies will try to use wheel nets or nylon straps. This way, you won’t end up with damage to your car.

Remain cautious when looking at a company that will use chains to secure the car.

Chains will usually get placed over the car’s axle, significantly injuring the vehicle. If they get over-tightened, you’ll be dealing with a problem.

An enclosed trailer will have a lift gate for low clearance vehicles. This includes over every bump or pothole. Also, this lowers the chances of theft or damage.

Also, if the chains get loose somehow, they will hit the car for the journey.

  1. Spend Time Reading Customer Reviews

If you ship your vehicle, you will make a significant investment, but you’re also putting trust in a business. Pick a reputable shipping company that has excellent customer service and reviews.

Check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Look up the safety record of the company, as well. Talk to friends or family who recently shipped their vehicle.

Check out websites and read reviews. You can complete a search on Google and find out about their shipping experience. You want to read and find out how other people found the business.

Pay attention to the nuance of the review. Are there a lot of three stars? Read those reviews because you’ll learn what the company did poorly.

You can find reviews on Google, BBB, or Facebook. Reputable vehicle transport businesses will have an online presence on the different websites.

Check for reviews that have had a similar service completed. Do you need to ship a valuable or antique vehicle? Look for reviews from owners of those vehicles.

Research a potential auto transport business before you book. Check the reviews on an independent external site. You should also look for the average rating and the total number of reviews.

It’s important to research a prospective auto well as the total number of reviews posted.

  1. Remain Wary of Auto Transport Brokers

An auto transport broker that will bid your shipment to other shipping companies. You won’t know what driver or car carrier they chose. Some customers even experience poor customer service.

The equipment a broker will use will also vary in quality.

The trailer might end up choosing ramps instead of a hydraulic liftgate. This could damage a low clearance car. They might not have floor mats, car covers, or oil drip pans.

  1. Don’t Give a Deposit

Has the business asked for a deposit? A reputable car carrier won’t require a deposit. Instead, they will seek payment after the vehicle gets dropped off or picked up. This way, you can ensure you receive the proper service.

  1. Don’t Choose a Company Based on the Price

In the car shipping industry, you want to find a decent provider. It will cost a decent amount to send your vehicle to another state.

Don’t always choose the cheaper option because you might not get the best choice. The company’s price will reflect the quality of the equipment, service, and experience.

  1. What About Insurance Policies?

You should have a Certificate of Insurance from your transporter provider. The certificate should cover the amount for liability, cargo limits, and workers comp. Is there a deductible?

Broker companies don’t usually have their own insurance.

  1. What’s Your Schedule?

Most auto shipping companies have a specific window for pickup and delivery. It’s usually one week since trucking isn’t similar to airlines. The trucks will always run a new route each day.

Weather, traffic, and schedules will impact the time. Do you need a specific shipment timeline? Look at speaking with the company in advance to determine what they can do for you.

Are you shipping your vehicle to another state? Learn more about how to ship car to another state.

  1. What’s the Cancellation Policy?

Find out if you end up cancelling the reservation and if you will need to cover it. Is there a deadline for the cancellation?

Some businesses will give clients a flexible plan. You could make your booking and pay later.

Find a Reputable Car Transport Company Today

Did you find this guide on choosing a car transport company helpful?

Find a business that meets your needs while also providing excellent customer service. Get an insurance certificate from the company, and find out their experience.

Make sure you also inquire about scheduling conflicts and if they can meet your deadline.

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