5 Reasons Your Organization Is Lacking EA – The 6 Key Benefits of Enterprise Architecture for Your Organization

Many advantages accrue to contemporary firms when they adopt an EA strategy. By using enterprise architecture, you’ll get the following benefits:

Unaware or not, every contemporary organization has some kind of enterprise architecture (EA).

While programs and projects develop specific structures, enterprise architecture serves as a blueprint for the whole city. Consistency, integration and reuse across all aspects of the company and IT, from the boardroom to the desktop, is the goal of Enterprise Architecture (EA).


You just have to compare Singapore with Hanoi to appreciate the advantages of EA. A well-planned and well-executed city will grow in accordance with a shared strategy if its strategic management measures, architectural principles, and governance mechanisms are in place.

In addition, security posture management can significantly optimize your business.

Here’s how and why you should allow EA to manage your IT infrastructure.

  1. Repurposing

Incorporate a reusable technological asset stack, reduce development and maintenance costs below existing levels, and ensure quality by focusing on “doing it right the first time”

  1. Reusing assets and decreasing custom produced assets, as well as adopting architectures that make it easier to design, deploy and maintain business solutions.

  2. Integration is the third step.

Building blocks that can be reused across LoBs and projects may help cut down on the amount of redundant architecture that exists.

  1. Reduced faults and rework, governance of the definition and vitality of architecture responsive to business objectives are some of the measures used to improve quality.

  2. The time it takes to put a product on the market.

Agile development approaches including DevOps are regulated to respond to the needs of the business for the creation and delivery of competitive solutions to the market.

  1. Lessening of the Potential for Injury

Project Governance, Design Council, and IT Risk Management should be used to identify and control deviations from norms in architecture, technology, and solution development.

Why is there a lack of Enterprise Architecture in your company?

1. The presence of a persistent problem in the system that negatively impacts customer satisfaction

Your company is plagued with mistakes, but you can’t uncover the main reason or it would take a long time to solve them. This will have a significant influence on consumer satisfaction. Your organization’s lack of enterprise architecture is instantly apparent, therefore there is no or insufficient documentation of the system architecture to assist you correct the mistake and locate the underlying cause.

2. Utilize the expertise of a crucial individual

Many firms I have the pleasure to deal with are heavily reliant on a small group of employees. They are in charge of the most important systems in the company, yet they don’t record their work. It takes a long time for the new recruits to learn how to run the system once they have left. As a result, the system may become unstable when they depart.

3. Third-party debt

Your company may have recently had a system that no longer fulfills your business needs, but you are unable to replace it because of the amount of time and money it takes to do so and the negative effect on your customers’ experience.

Architectural principles are already in place in your firm to guide investment decisions and prevent technological debt. That’s the Scalable principle at work here, my friends.

4. Silos, on the other hand,

The improvement of both business and IT is typically done in silos, without taking into account the whole organizational perspective and change. Investing in new technologies and applications is not in line with the company’s overall strategy.

5. There is no standardization in the use of technological innovations.

The evaluation and budget approval process for a new technology investment takes a long time, since there is no technological roadmap or standard in place for the next three to five years.

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