8 Delicious Japanese Dishes to Try with Your Partner

Do you want to take your and your partner’s food trips to the next level? Maybe you are a bit tired of chicken wings, romantic steak dates, and all the other fatty food you used to eat. Among the many things that make dates and relationships fun is trying out different types of food, diners, cuisines, and more! It is nice to figure out together new food favorites and enjoy lots of new experiences. 

Japanese food is one thing you as a couple can try out. They offer different flavors with fresh ingredients, rich umami, and expert cooking. Here are some of the Japanese dishes you and your significant other should try out! 

At first, you may ask yourself, what is nigiri? You may think that this dish is too foreign for you, but it is more familiar than what you may have judged. You may know nigiri as it is also a type of sushi. You should try out and taste Nigiri or any type of sushi if you have not tasted one yet. If you have already tasted one and did not like it, maybe you should try out and taste better sushi. 

Nigiri is prepared with rice and protein, usually fish. For vegans, they can use zucchini. You can choose to have your protein raw or cooked. Just remember to season your rice and make sure that it passes the standard. You can make your rice tastier by putting in salt, vinegar, and sugar. Do not mistake nigiri with maki, though. 

  • Sashimi

Now that we have mentioned nigiri, we should also talk about sashimi! Sashimi is also one of the Japanese dishes that are fun to try out. A lot of people may also have apprehensions about eating sashimi. We do not blame them as some people are not used to eating raw food but believe us when we say it is worth it. 

Do not mistake this for nigiri or sushi, though, because sushi is served with rice. On the other hand, sashimi is just served with raw meat or fish. The protein is sliced thinly and served with soy sauce, wasabi, radish, or any other side dish. It is important to serve fresh raw meat for you to avoid contamination and maintain the quality of good sashimi. 

  • Ramen

This dish is also one of the most popular Japanese dishes, yet at the same time, so elusive. Almost everyone can say that they have already tasted ramen at least once in their lives. The next question is if it is authentic or not. That is because some may mistake authentic ramen for instant ramen. 

Instant ramen is already good enough on its own, but authentic ramen is a whole new experience. It has rich, savory broth, topped with meat and vegetables, and has wheat noodles. 

  • Tonkatsu

For us, tonkatsu is one of the best dishes you can try out if you are venturing into Japanese cuisine for the first time. That is because tonkatsu is a Western-style food that the Japanese took inspiration from the Europeans. 

Japan made the meal their own by using panko breadcrumbs, deep-fried until it reaches a golden brown color. They drizzle this meal with tonkatsu sauce, served with side dishes such as shredded cabbages, salads, fruits, and more. 

  • Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a dish that is perfect for sharing. It has similarities with pancakes, but be careful not to mistake it with Western pancake’s sweet, buttery taste. 

While okonomiyaki also has a sweetness to it, it is also mostly savory. Mix sliced cabbage, savory sauces and spices, and batter. Fry this on a pan like a pancake, and serve it with a sweet-savory sauce. 

  • Shabu-shabu

Shabu-shabu is also one of the dishes you should try out. Even in Japan, having to eat this dish is a feast and a delightful experience. Usually, a meal with it means it is a good day. 

Shabu-shabu is a hot pot dish where you boil tofu, vegetables, and other delicious ingredients in a rich broth. They use kombu kelp to season the broth in which they dip meat sliced into thin pieces. The exciting part as you submerge the meat in the broth is to swish it around until it cooks. 

  • Donburi

If you are interested in eating while walking or in eating “portable,” Donburi is a good Japanese dish to try out. This dish is prepared by putting viand on top of rice, placed in large bowls. The viand is usually vegetable, fish, or meat that is either fried or simmered. The usual viand is oyakodon, which is chicken, egg, topped with green onions. 

If you prefer beef, they sometimes top the rice with gyudon. Gyudon is beef and onions simmered in a sauce with a soy soup base. There are many other variants for this dish. Donburi is easy to eat, which makes it so appealing. Donburi is usually the food during festivals because you can enjoy this dish while walking. You can easily hold the large bowl and dig in!

  • Tempura

If you are into seafood, tempura is also a good dish to try. This crispy food has a soft surprise center because of the shrimp. You prepare tempura by covering meat, usually shrimp, with a tempura batter. The batter-covered meat is then deep-fried until they become crispy. 

Aside from shrimp, you can also use vegetables or pieces of meat. You can enjoy this dish on its own as a snack, or you can also eat this with rice or noodles. 

Explore together with your palate

Here are just some of the best Japanese dishes you can try as you go out for dates with your significant other. If you want to be more adventurous, there are also lots of other Japanese foods and even exotic ones that you can try.  

You can also try out food from other cuisines! Explore with your palate and go out of your comfort zones. It is all the more exciting when done with your partner! You can research more types of food and cuisines. Explore diners and restaurants you have not tried out yet. You can even cook these dishes yourself!


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