Roughly 95 percent of the time, the preferred go-to pants would be denim. Comfort is not the only reason jeans are mostly picked; they are also a pair of pants we can easily find and put on. Jeans have great versatility as you can match them with almost anything. 

We can put on a blouse and jeans and go to the office on a casual day.  If you want to meet up with some friends in a cafe, you can just throw on a shirt and jeans and be ready to go. 

It’s also easy to match, especially with dark-colored jeans. We can add to this list that they are durable and yet comfortable at the same time. Jeans hide stains so well that there is no need to wash them regularly. 

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Why Denim?

Denim is one of the styles that are never out of date. That’s why they are worth the investment in the long run. Certain types could be outdated, but new models would replace them almost immediately after the previous one. 

Though the style goes away in a while, we can be sure that the same style will sooner or later be the new fad once again. We then get more value out of our hard-earned cash when we purchase them. 

For instance, skinny jeans have been around since the early 2000s. They have always been widespread, particularly with Gen Z. Although now we can see that it is slowly taking a back seat to other styles, it remains a popular choice. But just in case you are considering alternatives to the skinny jeans, here are some of the options for you:

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are just that the leg is the same diameter from where it begins to the cuff. They do not have that tapered ankle that skinny jeans do. There are variations on the straight-leg jean. We have slim and skinny fit straight leg jeans. The “slim” and “skinny” determine how form-fitting the jeans are in the seat and thighs.

One clear advantage of straight-cut jeans from skinny ones is that they have a more relaxed fit. They help to accentuate a fitted waist and long legs but give that tight feel with skinny jeans. While maintaining that relaxed fit, it will still give us a very flattering, casual look while at the same time being comfortable. 

This is why they can be worn in both casual and more formal environments and are preferred over clean and professional, but not too slim or too tight. Straight-leg jeans have an excellent way of giving us a professional look without seeming too baggy or sloppy.

The beauty of straight-leg jeans is that they are easy to style up or down. Also, they can be worn by any body type. When you wear straight-leg jeans, you will immediately notice how they help to make your legs appear longer and at the same time accentuate the line.


Boot Cut Jeans

Straight-leg jeans essentially remain the same width the entire way down the leg, from thigh to ankle, while bootcut jeans are slightly tapered in the thigh area and widen from the knee to the hem. 

Boot cut jeans have taken a back seat from the preferred straight cut or skinny jeans. However, there is still a practical reason to wear boot-cut jeans because of what type of shoe you prefer. Some may be into boots or cowboy boots, particularly hi-top sneakers, like the Chuck Taylor,  or anything that has a heel.

If you are out here looking for your first ever boot-cut jeans, you may consider one look over the other based on your height or the length of your legs. Straight-leg jeans create the illusion of having longer legs who want to appear taller. Bootcut jeans do the opposite. It breaks up leg length for anyone wishing to minimize their height.


Also, consider the shoes you plan to wear with them. Choose your inseam with the hem hitting the top of your foot, so the pants end a few inches higher than that. 

Barrel Leg Jeans

You may have come across someone wearing wide-leg, particularly jeans that aren’t really wide legs and also not straight. They are jeans that have a high waist and a cropped style that tapers at the ankle. 

While skinny jeans draw attention to our hips, barrel-leg jeans shift them from our hip to our ankle. They provide that extra room in the hips and thighs. They are super flattering to wear because they make legs appear longer.

They give you a look of being relaxed while at the same time trendy. For ladies, you may choose to wear one with a one-shoulder top or a cropped one. Don’t forget to add heels and a bright bag when you’re going out with your friends or on a date.

Upcycled Jeans

Creating something new from an already existing item is what we call upcycle widespread, like recycling, which converts something reusable. Upcycling takes existing materials to enhance the originals. That is why it is called upcycling, which conveys the idea of improving an item.

Keep this in mind that there are more than 2 billion pairs of jeans made annually worldwide. Cotton cultivation and processing would then require 1500 gallons of water. You need to grow 1.5 pounds of cotton to produce a pair of jeans. 

For a single trouser production, it’s necessary to use 2 million metric tons of chemicals plus 2,630 liters of water. After the process, it’s impossible to reuse the water, as it is polluted with strong chemicals already. Most of the time, the water is just discarded and let out untreated.

An average of 17 million tons of textile waste would end up in landfills to produce the necessary number of jeans in a year. This number is not declining in any way but only increasing. Instead of fixing the issue by giving a fresh look or buying suitable quality clothing, most consumers are luxurious.

This is where upcycling comes into play. It prevents a large part of these clothes from ending up in landfills because now the market desires to return them into circulation. The idea is to renew the garment instead of throwing it away. 


Have you decided on one of the styles we listed above? Whatever style you choose, always keep in mind that jeans are considered one of the most influential and versatile items you will own inside your wardrobe. 

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