How to Promote Your Business Effectively on the Internet

You’re constantly being told to promote your business on the internet, but how? How do you promote the brand effectively? Here are some top tips!

Pay Attention to Branding

Consider for a moment the brands of Coca-Cola and Starbucks – if you’re like most people, the first thing to come to mind was the colors red and green respectively. You may have also thought of their logos, and the reason for this is effective branding both in the online and offline worlds. In 2021, these two colors are synonymous with the brands because the companies tirelessly use the same branding across the internet.

Taking Coca-Cola as an example, you’ll see the same color and logo whether on a delivery truck, product packaging, Facebook ad campaign, website, TV ad, and even the uniform of all employees. This year, you need to learn a lesson from companies like Coca-Cola and pay attention to branding.

If you want to promote your businesses effectively on the internet, make sure that your Logo design, color, and name are presented in the same way across all channels. Soon enough, familiarity will grow for customers.

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Understand Your Audience

Next, you cannot do anything online without a strong understanding of your audience. The better you understand the audience, the easier it becomes to develop products and create ad campaigns that resonate. Use advanced tools to learn all about your audience, and go beyond age, gender, and location. If possible, understand their behaviors on the internet because then you can meet them more effectively.

As an example, most companies assume that Facebook and Instagram are best because they’re the biggest. In reality, you might get more value interacting with customers through Quora, Reddit, or another platform.

Optimize Your Website

In 2021, your website needs to be perfect. If it isn’t, you lose credibility, and this affects the reputation of the brand. As well as design, think about navigation, language, tone, links, and the whole user experience. Is the checkout process smooth and seamless? Do all links work? Can users get to all pages within a couple of clicks? Does the website work across all devices?

Your website is the focal point of your internet presence, so spend some time optimizing it this year. You could have the best ad campaign in the world, but this is worthless if the landing pages on the website don’t continue the amazing experience.

Engender consumer trust

Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and try to view things objectively from their viewpoint. Would you part with your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit card details, debit card details etc. with a site connection that is not secure? Similarly the customers will also defer making purchases from your site if it runs on the unsecure HTTP protocol. Wondering how to rectify this? Well, you can make the switch to the more secure HTTPS protocol by buying and installing an SSL certificate. A Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate is a digital protocol that encrypts the communication between two entities. This can only be decrypted by the intended recipient eliminating instances of MITM attacks.

With a plethora of SSL certificates available in the market, one often gets confused about the right choice. For online businesses with multiple level-one subdomains such as payments, product pages, blog section, we recommend investing in a single wildcard SSL certificate instead of buying multiple single-domain SSL certificates for each new subdomain that you add. Investing in a cheap wildcard SSL certificate, will automatically afford unmatched protection to the chosen main domain and many first-level subdomains under it.

Don’t Endlessly Shout

Another common mistake for businesses on the internet is to continually shout about their brand. They constantly advertise on Facebook, join communities, spam forums, and get people rather annoyed. You wouldn’t just walk up to people on the street and shout about your brand, so why do it online?

To fix this problem, there are two main solutions:

  • Focus on the benefits of your product rather than its features
  • Try to add genuine value to your audience’s lives rather than forcing sales

As soon as you add value through videos, articles, and other content, you’ll notice that sales naturally follow. Also, use influencer marketing and user-generated content so that others talk about your brand too.

Bonus Tips

  • Outsource to services like King Kong to ease the workload for your team
  • Offer clear communication channels
  • Optimize your search engine strategy (both paid and organic search)
  • Claim your Google My Business page
  • Post on social media regularly
  • Become a thought leader by engaging in discussions and answering common questions on platforms like Reddit and Quora
  • Don’t forget email marketing for those who have opted in.


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