Benefits of including Whatsapp features on Squarespace websites

We’ll talk about Squarespace WhatsApp but first, we need to talk about what Squarespace is. It is a content management system (CMS) founded in 2004 that allows you to create websites, blogs or online businesses. It currently has more than 1 million users and is competing with other systems such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. The tool is easy to use as it uses Drag and Drop to carry out any website.

Who is Squarespace for?

Squarespace is not for everyone. It will depend a lot on the situation of each person and each project to choose one creator or another. Squarespace can help you in these cases:

– If you don’t have any kind of knowledge.

– If you value design a lot and need a lot of customization.

– It can be a good alternative for photographers, musicians, designers (portfolios).

– To create event and wedding sites.

– If you have minimalist aesthetic tastes.

In short, using Squarespace can be a good option if you want to make an impact with an elegant website without complicating your life.

But not everything is rosy…

Like all, life has its good and not so good things.


– High quality design templates.

– Unique customizable home.

– Adapted to mobile devices.

– Many aesthetic customization options. This is something that has surprised me quite a bit.

– Easy to use. Zero update maintenance. By paying a monthly fee you have all this included.

– The Control Panel is finally available in some languages


– So many customization options can slow down your system. If you are not a designer it can be somewhat overwhelming.

– Many think that the editor is a bit complex to use compared to others.

– Aesthetic difference from mobile devices, but it is normal.

– There is no free plan. Although you have 15 days of testing to decide.

– The prices are somewhat high.

How to increase the value of Squarespace websites?

One of them is by providing a Whatsapp plugin on Squarespace websites. By adding Whatsapp or more precisely the customer support feature via Whatsapp, you can bridge communication between site managers and visitors. As is well known, Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging application today and the assumption that every website visitor has a Whatsapp number is close to reality.

So, how to do this?

If you want to add customer support via Whatsapp to your Squarespace websites, you can use the Smartarget service. This is a service that can “embed” customer support features via Whatsapp in just a few minutes. Don’t worry because you can get this feature for free, and you don’t have to update it or even maintain it. And whether your sites are accessed from a computer or mobile phone, it will be no different because once the plugin is embedded, it will work on both computer and mobile screens.

Smartarget is a service that provides useful plugins for websites and the Whatsapp feature for Squarespace websites is just one of them. Hopefully this article was useful for you. Thanks for reading.


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