Are Smart Hoovers Worth It?

Are you considering purchasing a smart vacuum? Technology is taking over and now it is possible to get mundane tasks done for you. For a lot of people vacuuming in the house can be a hassle. If only there was something that could do this for you. Well, now there is. We are talking about smart vacuums and this robotic friend can help to clean your house. Simply, you leave it running and all of the crumbs and dirt will be gone.

But a common question that is asked is: are smart hoovers really worth it or are they another technology gimmick of the 21st century? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question and find out.

Think About Your Flooring

First of all, consider the type of flooring you have in your home. For instance, robotic vacuums are found to be best on wood and laminate floors since they can easily glide over this level surface. One thing a good laminate flooring supplier will tell you is that vacuums can scratch flooring. However, robotic vacuums are quite placid, slow movers. Their wheels are often rubber, which is kind to flooring too, and the plastic chassis is far enough off the floor that it won’t catch.

Something that you need to think about is whether you have fluffy rugs. This is something that a lot of smart hoovers are going to struggle with. What’s more, it is common for roller brushes to damage the rug too.

Does this mean that robot vacuums are a complete waste of money? No, this is not always going to be true. But it is unlikely that a robot vacuum will mean you want to throw away your upright and traditional model. In fact, they are going to work best as a way to clean your house between manual vacuuming and this is especially true on wood and laminate floors. This means you can get rid of daily crumbs and dirt that comes in. So, when it comes to deep cleaning days, there is going to be less to do.

Know-How to Operate Them

A lot of people do not see the hype about smart hoovers because they do not learn how to use them properly. In fact, people do not bother to read the instructions. This is a mistake since a lot of vacuums are advanced. For instance, you can often set a path for them to clean with an app on your smartphone. When you learn how to program them, you can make sure that certain areas of the homestay clean and they keep away from areas you do not want them in.

One thing to note is that the dust collection boxes are not going to be that big. In other words, if you want them to work to their full capacity, this is something that you have to keep an eye on. Empty it on a regular basis if you are going to have it running a lot of the day.




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