5 Construction Software Features You Need as a Contractor

In recent years, we have seen a remarkable shift in how construction companies perform logistical planning and undertake order fulfilment processes. Like other firms and businesses, construction companies are now turning to digitally automated processes to streamline the means and methods by which they fulfil their short and long-term goals.

There are multiple contractor softwares that has proven highly effective at making scheduling and management more efficient. It helps contractors schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance and safety, and monitor progress toward goals, all on a single platform.

This article will outline five features of contractor software that will help you plan, strategize, monitor, and streamline all your firm’s processes. So, let’s get into it!

1. Tracking Worker Compliance and Training

Construction management software automates the processes by which you as a contractor can track worker compliance and training. Using only a single platform, you can store all your workers’ personal contact information, track the jobs they have worked and are currently assigned to, and list the equipment they are trained to operate.

Therefore, using contractor software, you can segment workers based on their skills and schedule their work accordingly. Your planning and scheduling processes become much more streamlined by matching skills and requirements to tasks and jobs.

2. Scheduling and Assignments

Contractor software can also help you ensure that your crews are at the right job site at the right time with the right resources, equipment, and documents. By tracking whether workers have the proper paperwork and are entirely up to speed, no worker will ever be sent back home.

Moreover, automated job confirmations and updates help empower crews with the information they need and reduce the number of phone calls between the contractor and the crew members. Through automated scheduling, you can learn to utilise your crews and equipment more efficiently, even during periods of labour shortage.

3. Fleet Tracking Capabilities

Contractor software comes with fleet tracking capabilities that allow you to track your fleet of heavy equipment and all the trucks and trailers that transport them. The software will give you detailed maps with pinned icons to make tracking more comprehensive.

Moreover, fleet tracking capabilities provide detailed reporting into vehicles and each driver’s behaviour, thereby allowing the contractor to ascertain if a particular driver is to be held accountable for setbacks or delays in transportation.

4. Job Site Visibility via Digital Forms

Ensuring that you as the contractor have all the information about a job site is key to mobilising crew and equipment efficiently and preventing costly errors. With digital forms, not only will your firm save on paper, but you will receive real-time data on job sites, to which your team can respond proactively.

Since all forms will be on the mobile devices of your crew members, they won’t need to make extra trips to the office. Moreover, the contractor never has to worry about poorly written or half-filled forms.

5. Timecards and Tickets

Contractor software provides contractors with the means to view real-time construction timesheets and tickets, thereby eliminating timesheet fraud, which, if left neglected, can lead to inflated labour costs. Automated timesheets and tickets also allow your admin team to prioritise more critical and pressing tasks.

Finally, automated payroll and invoicing eliminates the admin’s manual processing of documents and excel sheets. Hence, contractor software also makes for a smoother payroll process and a less overworked admin department.

Final Words

As the digital era continues to expand its reach and increase its capabilities, many more construction firms will turn to contractor software to plan, strategize, monitor, and streamline their processes.

Not only does using construction management software make the contractor’s life easier, but it also empowers crew members to be more accountable and proactive in their task fulfillment.


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