The Best Golf Tracking Apps of 2022

In 1925, golf’s governing body limited players to carry only 14 clubs instead of their standard 30. Are you struggling to master your clubs? Whatever swing problem you’re facing, a golf tracking app can help.

Tracking apps enable outdoor golfers to see their mistakes or swing tendencies in real-time. Check out these golf tracking apps you can download today to improve your game.

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie (free)

4.7 stars on App Store

This real-time app has over 46,000 courses pre-loaded. Users can preview the course in 3D and track their shots. The data will be automatically transferred via your Apple watch. It is the most downloaded golf sports app.

Golf GPS SwingU (free)

4.7 stars on App Store

The designers of SwingU have created an app that enhances your in-game play with GPS and hole mapping. This high-tech app enables players to identify their swing tendencies and will highlight areas of improvement. In addition, app users can access over 600 training videos.

Golf Pad (free)

4.7 stars on App Store

This fantastic app by has almost 3 million downloads. It will work on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide and allows users to see the distance and elevation of the green.

Team the free app with Golfpad Tags, and you can take your performance to new heights. The Apple and Android app will use the tags to collect accurate swing data, offering improvements and recommendations.

Bushnell Golf (free)

4.7 stars on App Store

The Bushnell free app boasts 3D imaging of over 38,000 golf courses. As such, it’s ideal if you’re playing a new course and want a deeper understanding of the terrain. You can also track your performance and complete swing analysis in the app.

Garmin Golf (free)

4.5 stars on App Store

The free Garmin Golf app is a fantastic addition to every round. You can join in tournaments, track your scores, and live chat with other players. It is also compatible with the Garmin Connect app, the S40 and S60 Approach golf watches, and the G80 handheld.

It will track your clubhead speed, ball velocity, course, and spin.

Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder (free)

4.5 stars on App Store

Golfers love the 42,000 pre-programmed courses. This app doesn’t require WiFi, so you can use it for an 18-hole course without worrying about the battery. In addition, the app will manage club-by-club distances, offer trends analysis and identify your weaknesses.

TrackMan Golf (free)

3.7 stars on App Store

The PGA Tour chose Trackman tracking systems for the 2022 tournament. You can access detailed play reports on the Trackman device and tracking apps. It will measure the total distance, height, angle, and speed of your swing outdoors.

The app will give you data to improve your performance and understanding of the game.

Utilize Golf Tracking to Improve Your Game

The golf tracking apps listed above will provide you with insights into your swing. So, you’ll be able to identify any bad habits or swing tendencies. Many of the apps also offer recommendations or further training so you can develop your strengths on the green.

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