Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth Daily

Flossing isn’t exactly fun. It’s one of those things we all know we should do but usually decide to skip.

Not flossing your teeth regularly can have major health consequences. Even if skipping out on flossing might not kill you, that’s no reason not to floss.

To convince you to start flossing, here are just a few benefits of good flossing habits. There are so many more that it would be impossible to list them all.

  1. Fewer Cavities

Brushing is not enough to keep cavities away.

Of course, flossing regularly isn’t going to help much if you aren’t also brushing. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes.

Brushing is the main way to prevent cavities. Cavities are holes that form in your teeth.

The most common reason for cavities form is sugar.

There’s a reason your dentist told you to take it easy on Halloween.

Sugar builds up on your teeth, but it can also get stuck between your teeth.

The easiest and most efficient way to get all the sugar out of your mouth is to floss after you brush.

If you’re prone to cavities, it’s extra important that you have a good flossing routine.

2. Cleaner Teeth

Keeping cavities away is not the only reason to brush and floss.

There are other things that can make your teeth dirty like plaque and other pieces of food.

If you don’t regularly floss, you’ll be surprised by what you find in your teeth.

Keeping your teeth clean will also ensure they stay nice and white.

If you have a retainer or braces, flossing is extra important. If you don’t floss, these things will start to get dirty.

It will also help keep your mouthguard clean. If you wear a mouth guard for sports or during the night, you need to wash it regularly.

No one wants to wear a dirty mouthguard. Here is a guide on how to clean your mouthguard properly.

Even if you brush and floss well, you’ll still need to clean your mouthguard regularly.

3. Better Breath

No one wants bad breath. Brushing and using mouthwash will help, but that’s not always enough.

The things that get stuck in your teeth will start to smell bad.

You also don’t want people to see the food stuck between your teeth.

If you want your breath to smell extra nice, use mint-flavored floss. Ordinary, unscented floss will also help.

Waxed floss is a good option if your teeth are sensitive.

Waxed floss tends to be a bit more expensive than unwaxed. But if it helps, it’s worth the investment.

Bad breath could cost you a job because of an awkward interview. You shouldn’t be taking any chances when it comes to bad breath.

4. Healthier Heart

You might think your heart is a long way from your mouth.

Technically, it is, but everything you put in your mouth will end up in the rest of your body one way or another.

Fatty and sugary foods are most likely to get stuck between your teeth.

If you don’t floss them out, they will end up in your heart. Flossing has been proven to reduce heart disease.

Those who have a family history of heart problems should be extra careful.

Eating healthy food is a good way to keep your heart and teeth healthy. Here is a list of foods that are great for your heart.

Flossing is also connected to healthier lungs, stomachs, and livers.

There are no negative consequences associated with flossing, so there’s no reason not to floss.

5. Cleaner Gums

People often forget about their gums. That’s a shame because healthy gums are essential to oral health.

Gums are extremely sensitive and need lots of attention.

Failing to floss regularly will lead to inflamed gums. You can tell when this starts to happen because your gums will change color.

Your gums should be a healthy pink color. If they start to look red, your gums are inflamed.

The first few times you floss, you might experience bleeding in your gums. This is normal and even healthy and means you need to be flossing more.


There’s no reason not to be flossing. Your teeth will thank you for it, and so will your friends.

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