Champions of League of Legends for newbies

The first step after buying cheap lol accounts or creating an account from scratch in League of Legends is to choose a champion. Choosing a champion for the first time in a game with more than 100 characters might be a challenge. Here are a few champions that are easy for newbies to handle.

If a champion is not in their free week, they must be unlocked before they may be used. Unlocking any of the heroes listed below will cost you 450 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points in the League of Legends shop tab.

Remember that summoner spells, runes, and item configurations might change depending on the other champions and the stage of the game, but these options should work successfully in most games as well. Check out our best gaming chairs to take on Summoner’s Rift in style.


Ashe is an excellent marksman for beginners. Ashe’s W Volley has a large hit-box, with her auto attacks delaying enemies. Her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow stuns the first opponent hit, while her E Hawkshot spies and reveals the map across its route.

Playing behind your teammates is the best way to take advantage of Ashe’s weak defensive abilities. Despite her lack of mobility, her slows and stuns assist her kite. You can use your Hawkshot to find your enemies, and then your Enchanted Crystal Arrow can knock them unconscious with a single shot.


Beginner mages will appreciate Annie’s burst damage. She has excellent crowd control because of her ability to stun an opponent every four spells. If a target dies as a result of Annie’s Q Disintegrate, the spell returns the target’s mana. It’s possible to summon a controllable pet with her ultimate Summon, Tibbers, which will attack you and do damage until it is either slain or the timer runs out.

Stun your opponents using Annie’s passive skill. Disintegrate, a focused skill that can’t be dodged, is the best use for it. Use Summon: Tibbers to stun a large number of opponents before sending your pet in to attack the other team’s champions for maximum damage.


 When he’s injured, he may retreat fast because of his passive. Q Decisive Strike gives Garen a speed boost and silences his opponent’s next attack, which he may use in conjunction with his deadly spin move, E Judgment. Garen’s R Demacian Justice does increased damage to low-health enemies and kills them.

Due to Garen’s passive and strong burst damage, he may employ brush on the battlefield to heal himself and surprise his enemies with a Q Decisive Strike into E Judgment combination. The more time you spend pressing W Courage before engaging in battle or facing a dangerous situation, the more equipped you’ll be to handle it. R Demacian Justice is able to pierce through resistances and provide real damage to low-health tanks, bypassing their defenses.


It’s hard to find a better advocate for teamwork than Soraka. However, E Equinox, her Q Starcall, and both deal a little amount of damage. Allies are healed by W Astral Infusion and R Wish.

Soraka sacrifices her own health to heal allies with Astral Infusion. Her last wish can only be used to restore companions who are at or below 40% health, so use it only when they are in need of a boost. The faster Soraka can get to low-health partners, the better.


AoE damage and tankiness make Amumu an attractive champion for new junglers. With each hit, his E Tantrum’s cooldown is half, and his W Despair causes damage to adjacent adversaries every second. Amumu’s Q Bandage Toss allows him to get up close and personal with his opponent. His R Curse of the Sad Mummy is powerful. ‘ It encircles Amumu with opponents.

Amumu’s stun and gap closure make him a fantastic ganker. Against a crowd-controlled opponent, his Q Bandage Toss performs well. Using Amumu’s AoE damage and crowd control ultimates aids him in team battles Before unleashing R Curse of the Sad Mummy, surround yourself with enemies.

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