E-commerce: 5 technology trends for the online shopping industry for 2022

The COVID-19 epidemic, which earned about 112 billion euros in 2020 and climbed by 8.5% year-on-year, has influenced the growth of e-commerce. This has created both possibilities and problems for internet purchasing businesses.

Personalization of the consumer experience is one of the issues. This factor includes the different expectations of online sales users that must be taken into account:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Influence of local production choice
  • Request for procurement speed (selection of goods and services, delivery, after-sales service, etc.)
  • Flexibility in purchasing
  • Transaction security

Whether they enable new ways to manage customer interactions, create compelling shopping experiences, or collect critical customer experience data, new technologies are proving valuable to businesses. How can their implementation meet business needs while keeping up with e-commerce trends?

This article examines 5 technology trends that may benefit e-commerce.

  1. Social Selling: An Omnichannel Sales Method

Social media selling (or social selling) is the perfect solution to optimize customer experience personalization. This method allows you to buy from a variety of social media platforms.

It allows you to not only communicate with prospective consumers while they purchase online, but also to participate in the ultimate conversion rate owing to integrated sales and sync capabilities.

  1. API: a solution for optimizing online sales tools

The growth of communication channels expands the buying experience, but also adds to the management problem for businesses. API (Application Programming Interface) technology makes it simple to create new programs, maintain multiple platforms in sync, and communicate efficiently.

This IT solution acts as a conduit for diverse applications to connect with each other, relieving the developer and creating uniformity in the company’s systems. You can expedite your online buying experience by including a Google map, Facebook features, and other APIs.

  1. Video conferencing: a customer service tool

Videoconferencing is a visual communication technology recognized for its individual or group meeting capabilities, as well as the different interactive solutions given by the interfaces employed. In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis, video conferencing technologies may be used in e-commerce strategies.

The sales or after-sales divisions of a corporation may communicate directly with the consumer by giving customized advice sessions through videoconferencing. Compared to other communication methods like chat, email, text messaging, or social media, video conferencing provides the best contact experience.

  1. Click and Collect: combining internet purchasing with conventional sales channels.

Click and Collect, also known as Check and Reserve, enables shoppers to make online reservations for items available in shops. After picking a product, Click and Collect enables consumers to choose a collecting spot at the shop of their choice.

Click and Collect has allowed retailers to automate their sales process, fulfilling an increasing requirement in light of health crisis constraints. Thus, enterprises may utilize online sales software to allow clients to browse product lists online and pay through “Click and Collect.”

  1. Mobile integration: a way to optimize mobile consumer interactions.

The rising number of smartphone-based online retail transactions underscores the relevance of mobile optimization for businesses. For online retail sites, mobile integration (not to be mistaken with API system) combines all parameters required for complete functioning.

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