Editing 101: 5 Apps That Can Help You Edit Photos and Videos

We must admit that it is fun to take pictures or record videos. Although we can live the moment by not taking photos or videos of what is currently happening, there is still something different when you snap these moments. Whether it is an enjoyable party or a relaxing day at the beach, we cannot help but get our phones or cameras and take pictures. And when we see them in our folders or albums, we would think about the good times and about how times fly pretty fast.

Aside from saving them in our folders, we would also want to share them on our social media. As such, we would prefer them to look even more appealing and even ask questions, such as how to make a video a live photo. To help your pics and videos become more intriguing, here are five apps and software that can help you edit them.

1.  intoLive

Are you into meme culture? If you are, then you might probably know that pictures and videos are not just sources of memes. Like these formats, GIFs can also produce hilarious and trendy memes. So, if you are into meme culture, then you might probably want to make a GIF out of your pet who fell asleep or a friend who tripped on their foot. And if you want to take moving photos, why not give intoLive a shot?

Available in both Apple and Playstore, this app allows its users to turn their videos into GIFs. Aside from turning them into GIFs, users can also add backgrounds to their videos, adding a bit of unique flair. So, if you record often on your phone and want to make moving photos to make the next trending meme, give intoLive a try!

2.  Layout from Instagram

Let us say you went on a trip or a convention recently, and you took a lot of pictures. Of course, it would not be a surprise if you want to make a collage from the different photos. After all, in terms of theme, these photos happen to be sharing one: your unforgettable experiences. And if you want to share your photos as a collage on your social media, why not use Layout from Instagram?

Also plainly referred to as Layout, this app lets you make collages from your favorite photos. Aside from this feature, Layout also allows you to pick the collage format you prefer. From pictures with equal sizes to one main photo surrounded by other small photos, this app will not fail you in making collages. You can also use its Photo Booth feature to make collages from freshly taken selfies!

3.  VSCO

As phones keep on upgrading and having better features each year, it is no surprise that you can now also edit your pictures using your phone. And it is why there are many apps that, like phones, also let you edit your photos. But what makes them different is the variety of filters and options they offer. Compared to the standard photo editor on your phone, these apps let you pick more filters, and they also allow you to upgrade anything in the photo. VSCO happens to be one of these apps.

Aside from its appearance that will make you feel you are editing photos in a studio, VSCO offers handy features for beautifying any pics. It has presets that you can adjust when you prefer and other features. They include contrast, exposure, saturation, skin tone, grain, and many more. You can also share your edited pictures in the app as well as see photos of other VSCO users.

4.  PowerDirector

Do you upload vlogs on your social media? It will not be much of a shocker if you do. Like photos, vlogs let us share our experiences. Whether it is a week-long road trip with friends or showing what your day looks like, vlogs allow us to show what it is like to be in our shoes. Of course, you would want your vlog to be both enjoyable to watch and easy to follow through. And if you want to easily edit videos on your phone or computer, PowerDirector is an app you can try.

Whether you are a newbie in video editing or a pro, you will not go wrong with this app when making videos more exciting and enjoyable to watch. Available in Windows, Mac, Apple, and Google Playstore, this app lets you add music, texts, emojis, transitions, and effects to your videos. And if you bought the premium version known as PowerDirector Pro, you can make videos that have no filters and unlock other additional features. So, if you want a user-friendly app or software for editing your vlogs or even memes, feel free to download PowerDirector.

5.  Shotcut

To some people, editing videos using their phones can be tricky. It might be the hassle of a video that is trimmed too much, or maybe it is the video not going in sync with the background music. And if you have these problems, it is no wonder if you prefer to edit videos using your laptop or computer. So, if you mostly rely on your computer for editing videos, then you are in luck! Shotcut is a video editing software with many characteristics you might like: free, easy to use, and a lot of handy features.

When you first look at this software, it might seem a bit confusing. But do not worry! With some tutorials and practice, you can make excellent videos that your audiences or yourself will enjoy. Shotcut allows you to add filters to your video, such as mirroring or changing its size on the screen. It also lets you adjust the audio of your video with filters such as volume and adding lo-fi effects. And the best part? There are no watermarks when you export your video into a different format! Feel free to give this software a try, as you practice your video-editing skills.

In a Nutshell,

Taking photos and recording videos are fun, but to make them look better on our social media, we would want them to look as best as they can. Thankfully, some apps help us make our pics and videos even more interesting. The five apps above are just some of the few examples, and if you want to learn more about them, feel free to visit


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