Encouraging Your Employees to Be More Conscious of Cybersecurity

Although cybersecurity is important for every internet user, it’s particularly important for businesses. In the event of a security breach, both a business and its clients are liable to have important information compromised, if not outright stolen. Unsurprisingly, small business owners whose employees fail to display or comprehend proper cybersecurity practices are often impacted by poor choices made on the part of their respective team members. If this describes the situation with your workforce, the following pointers may come in handy.

Equip All Workplace Devices with Security Software 

No computer, smartphone, tablet or any other internet-capable device that contains your business’s private information should be bereft of security software. So, if any of your devices are operating without security software, there’s no time like the present to rectify this. The right security software will provide sweeping protection against viruses, malware, data theft and a wide variety of other cyberthreats. The absolute last thing you want to be dealing with are ransomware removal issues, and reliable security software can help stop said threat in its tracks.  

Require Employees to Update Software and Operating Systems as Needed 

There’s no question that installing software and operating system updates can be a bit cumbersome. For example, if an update hits when you’re right in the middle of working, the temptation to place it on the backburner can be overwhelming – especially if installing said update will require you to stop what you’re doing and restart the device. While incidents like this can certainly be annoying, it’s in everyone’s best interest to install software and operating system updates as soon as they become available. 

Since many of these updates are created as a direct response to new viruses and other emerging cyberthreats, putting them off ensures that devices remain vulnerable. As such, every member of your workforce should be required to install all software and system updates – particularly ones that are solidly security-focused – ASAP.    

Give Formal Lectures on the Dangers of Poor Cybersecurity Practices 

To help keep everyone on the same page, you should consider giving formal lectures on the dangers of poor cybersecurity practices. These lectures should feature examples of common behaviors that result in cybersecurity breaches and simple explanations on how to correct those behaviors. For good measure, provide everyone in attendance with handy visual aids and packets that review all the information you’ve covered. 

Additionally, since everyone learns at their own speed, take care to strongly encourage any employees who are unclear on any of the points you discussed to come talk to you. To ensure that no one is too embarrassed to ask questions, make it clear that there is absolutely no shame in seeking clarification on any subject matter they found confusing.   

If you don’t fancy yourself the best lecturer – or consider yourself on authority on cybersecurity – enlist the aid of a guest lecturer who’s well-versed in the subject. After meeting with this person and explaining your business’s cybersecurity needs, they’ll be able to create a lecture that’s uniquely suited to your workforce. 

Hire Cybersecurity Experts

Although hiring cybersecurity experts with vast experience may be expensive, it can bring enormous benefits to your business. An expert can exploit your system to find vulnerabilities. That way, certain measures can be implemented to keep your system safe from cyberattacks. Experts can also offer continuous offensive security service, where your system is constantly monitored by software and protected from cyber threats.

Impose Consequences on Repeat Offenders 

Despite all your efforts to stress the importance of proper cybersecurity, there’s a chance that some employees will still fail to comply. Although you shouldn’t go overboard when reprimanding employees for poor cybersecurity practices, you should make it clear that repeat noncompliance carries actionable consequences. While no one needs to lose their job over this, regular offenders should face some form of punishment, as their actions place both themselves and your business at risk. This will also serve as an example to any other employees who are thinking about shrugging off their cybersecurity responsibilities. As much as you may hate reprimanding employees, some people simply don’t learn from their actions until facing consequences. 

Cybersecurity issues have the potential to ruin a small business. Needless to say, if your business develops a reputation for lackluster cybersecurity, you’re liable to see a notable downtick in new clients. In the interest of fostering a workplace culture of proper cybersecurity, make sure that you and your employees are on the same page with regard to cyberthreats. After all, one employee’s negligence is all it takes to facilitate a large-scale cyberattack. So, to ensure that your workforce is up to speed on cybersecurity, put the tips discussed above into practice.  


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