Features of entrance doors with MDF

For registration of an entrance to an apartment or a country house, the best solution would be metal doors. There are many options for finishing paintings, differing in their aesthetic, practical properties. The most common type is MDF with different coatings. In this article, we will consider the main features of such structures, list their disadvantages and advantages.

Pros and cons of wood-paneled doors

Among the advantages of entry slabs are:


MDF are created from natural materials that are harmless to humans. The main component is small chips that are formed during wood processing. Under high pressure, a viscous component is released from it – lignin. It firmly binds all fractions, resulting in a slabs

that is not inferior in quality to the massif.


Wood panels are resistant to many mechanical damage. They are difficult to damage, scratch or split. They perfectly withstand constant loads, frequent openings and closings. With prolonged use, they do not deform, do not sag. They can be used in different conditions, covered with protective compounds.


Installed both from the inside of the door and from the outside. They are decorated with various materials, in particular – veneer, laminate, PVC film. They are unpretentious in care, do not require difficult maintenance, frequent replacement. During operation, it is sometimes necessary to wipe off dust. Dirt can be removed with simple cleaning agents and water.


They lend themselves well to processing, milling, so they can be decorated with geometric patterns, complex, ornate ornaments. Models with patina look great. Doors are decorated with inserts – forging, mirrors, stained-glass windows, glass. Fits perfectly into the interiors of city houses, cottages, office and administrative buildings.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Cheap paneling on the panel fades in the sun, loses its attractiveness.
  2. It is better to choose models with MDF on the inside rather than the street side.
  3. The surface can be damaged by sharp objects, which will require replacement of the blade.
  4. It is very difficult to change the panel on your own – you need the help of professionals.

Features of metal doors with MDF

Nuances of construction

At the base, like any other similar products, there is a strong frame made of a profiled pipe. It is complemented by stiffening ribs, steel sheets of various thicknesses. The empty space is filled with insulation. After that, the wood panel is hung. There are two options for its placement:

On the one side. Most often – the inner part of the door, where the leaf is not exposed to negative atmospheric phenomena. This allows it to retain its attractiveness for a long time, to extend its service life.

On both sides. In this case, the outer panel is hung on a metal sheet and hides it from damage, precipitation, dust. This prevents premature corrosion.

Varieties of finishes

  1. One of the cheapest options. Differs in a variety of pleasant, natural shades.
  2. The most common type of coating with a wide selection of colors that convey the texture of the wood.
  3. PVC film. Perfectly imitates natural solid wood. Resistant to mechanical stress, weather conditions.
  4. Decor on entrance doors with MDF
  5. Frosted glass. Most often it occurs in the form of small longitudinal or horizontal inserts. There are many shades, preference is given to dark tones.
  6. The most common solution that allows you to visually enlarge the hallway, to make it brighter. It can be placed both full-length and occupy the upper half of the slabs. There are designs with round, square, curved mirror inserts.
  7. Most often these are openwork grilles, which are installed together with through glazing to maintain the safety of the house. There are also small decorative elements of various shapes and complexity.

Varieties of milling

When decorating entrance doors, MDF panel panels are used. They represent a continuous slabs that can be subjected to various treatments. To give the product a unique design, it is milled, creating a variety of patterns. The most common and affordable are geometric options such as squares, rectangles. There are also more intricate ornaments, including ones with many small details.

Paneled MDF is used less often for decoration. With its help, they imitate the natural array of different types of wood.

Styles of steel doors with wood paneling

Slabs with this finish fit perfectly into the interior. Manufacturers offer many models in pleasant, natural colors, with a variety of decorative elements. The material is relatively easy to process, which allows you to embody almost any design ideas without sacrificing strength and quality. The panels can be made in different sizes, so they can be easily installed in openings of different widths and heights.

Models in the “Doors & More” catalog

We present products from well-known manufacturers. Among the products there are options with MDF panels on one or two sides, various inserts, curly milling. All of them are suitable for arranging the entrance to a house or apartment.


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