Here are the E-Commerce Platforms Your Business Needs

It’s not easy keeping up with new technological changes every day. This is especially hard if you’re a business. And even harder if you’re a small one. But do you really have a choice? A large number of businesses constantly evolve themselves according to new changes and innovations. So, if your business doesn’t follow this, it can grow redundant.

One such popular trend is e-commerce. And this is made even easier with greater access to the internet with deals like the Spectrum Gold package and in case of outage the facilitate through Spectrum mobile phone number for the assistance. If you own a small business and want to explore e-commerce as a business model, don’t worry. There are a lot of platforms online that will assist you in this. Here’s a list of the top-rated e-commerce tools for small companies.


Wix is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. And the best part about this is that it’s great for start-ups. This platform offers plans that start very cheap and are easily affordable. With its most expensive plan, Wix offers ticket and phone support, priority service, and additional features. As an e-commerce platform, it allows businesses to easily sell products. As a small business, this platform is great for you. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and doesn’t require too much effort. You can count on Wix to take care of your e-commerce needs while you do the rest.


This platform caters to retailers who are planning to shift their stores online. Traditional retailers, too, are now switching to e-commerce. With the ongoing pandemic, many people choose to buy products and services online. As a result, traditional methods of shopping are getting less uncommon.

This is one of the reasons why Magento has seen a large number of users over the past few years. This e-commerce platform helps users to build an online store that works efficiently. Magento also helps companies with security, accounting, content management, customer support, and much more. Also, users will need their premium version to unlock these features.


Shopify is a name that most have heard. Even if you aren’t a retailer or you don’t own a business, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about this somewhere. This is because Shopify is getting a significant increase in users and customers. Its easy-to-use technology and features allow thousands of small businesses all over the world to switch to online stores.

Moreover, Shopify also offers a free two-week trial. In fact, it doesn’t even require you to choose a plan instantly. This platform gives users the option to select an existing online store. A large number of businesses don’t want to spend the time and money in starting an online space from scratch. This is why Wix offers already existing options.


BigCommerce is another popular tool used by businesses. This isn’t only for businesses running on a small scale, but also large-scale businesses. One of the greatest advantages of Big Commerce is that it allows your company to sell products through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can automatically integrate social media with your online store.

And because so many people avidly use social media platforms, sales are likely to increase. Big Commerce also offers its users 24/7 customer service. You can ask them any queries and concerns and they’ll help you out in any way you can. Apart from fulfilling e-commerce needs, this platform also helps in payments and shipping.


Selz stands out as an e-commerce platform because of its pricing. It’s easily one of the most cost-effective platforms there is. And this is great for small businesses. While this isn’t true for all, most such companies don’t have a very big budget. They need to make constant adjustments and aren’t too flexible financially. Keeping this in mind, Selz requires relatively low fees and meets all e-commerce needs. It offers 24/7 customer support for quality assurance.

So, if you’re experiencing technical difficulties or any other problems, you can always contact the helpline. Selz also doesn’t require you to have a background in design or coding. It also offers a wide variety of themes and designs to choose from when building your website. This e-commerce platform is easy to use-cost-effective-and simple. So, if you’re looking to switch your business to e-commerce, consider all options before going in.


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