How Automation Is Revolutionizing Different Industries

Automation tools and software have revolutionized various industries, paving the way for countless innovations that continue to revolutionize workplace productivity for countless businesses.

Automation is the act of, quite literally, automating a process or task to make it self-sustaining. Automation removes the need for constant human attention or interference. As a whole, automation presents itself across a wide variety of industries, and is designed for efficiency and quality assurance.

Consider how automation continues to impact businesses of all kinds and our day to day lives.

The Automotive Manufacturing Sector

In the automotive manufacturing industry, automation has enabled the creation of more mechanical production processes. Essentially, more robotic processing plants with high-powered machines can quickly and efficiently produce car parts, with a much higher volume of output, than human workers.

The Technology Sector

In the technology sector, automation is everything. It aggregates complicated Big Data sets, fast tracks speeds at which digital transactions can be processed and makes Software as a Service possible. Without automation, all digital processes that are currently instantaneous would be dragged out indefinitely if they relied upon some aspect of human interference.

In some cases, technological tools are partially automated for ease of use. Take online training courses, for example. Training courses like Userve RBS training online require user completion but are administered automatically without the need of an instructor. The automation of this process allows users to go through training processes at their own pace and in the comfort of any location.

The Cryptocurrency Sector

In the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work mechanism to verify transactions in order to authenticate them and add them to the blockchain. This makes high-volume trading with Bitcoin slow and expensive because the proof-of-work system is reliant on human attention.

Ethereum, another very popular cryptocurrency, can be traded more quickly and have its transactions verified faster because of how it takes advantage of automation. Ethereum’s transactions are verified using the automated process of proof-of-stake which is completely driven by artificial intelligence and relies on zero human interaction.

The Finance Sector

The finance sector operates based on large amounts of data and complex calculations. Automation software helps to streamline and organize this data so that information is more automatically updated, analyzed, and reported to ensure accurate calculations. More accurate data collection and reporting allows financial professionals to better identify essential financial trends, make educated predictions and more.

The State of Automation

Automation has drastically changed our lives. Consider, for one, how Uber has automated the process of ordering food. No longer do you have to pick up a physical phone and dial a restaurant. With UberEATS, this process is automated as you just input your order into the app and submit it.

Automation serves humanity to make things easier for us by making them less complicated and more convenient.


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