How Does a Home Battery Backup Work in New Orleans?

Having a power backup can be a good way to get the convenience you need once a power outage hits your area. Power outages can delay your work and give people discomfort to give a solution to this people are shifting to solar energy usage and then getting a battery where they can store their excess energy and use them when they need power badly. Battery backups for homes in New Orleans are being offered by solar providers and you can include them in your solar panel system if you are planning to have one installed in your home. 

How does a home battery backup work?

The energy collected from the solar panels can be saved to a battery, the mechanism is to collect the energy during the daytime and any excess energy that is not utilized by your household can be saved in your battery. The energy stored in the battery can then be used during the night time or power outages. It can be a perfect way to go full solar as well as be ready for any power outages 

How long can a battery backup power a house?

That depends on the capacity of your battery, Its capacity is measured by the kilowatt hour. The battery’s capacity varies from 1kWh to 10kWh, the most common battery recommended to a homeowner is the 10kWh. Another factor that can affect the length of batteries is the number of bulbs and appliances that are used. You can conserve energy by using only the needed energy and the gadgets and appliances you really need at the time the power is out. 

Are home battery backups worth it in New Orleans?

Having a battery can come in handy in New Orleans or even their areas. Power outages occur unexpectedly and no one wants to suffer the discomfort they can experience once power outages happen. By having backup power you can continue with your daily routine without interruption as well as avoid delays in your job. 

Advantages of having battery backups

The best solution for power outages

Power outages can happen anytime but with a power back up you won’t have to worry. Just make sure to save energy every time you can so your battery is always full and ready to be used in circumstances that you need backup. Having a source of electricity can make things easier and more convenient, be always ready by having power back up to avoid delays in your work and daily routines. 

Lower Energy Rate 

Since the source is abundant and you can save energy then your energy rate will be lesser. Non-renewable energy has low rates due to the fact that the source is abundant. 

Increase Home market value

A home with battery backup has higher market value so if you are planning to sell your home, having a battery can be an additional asset. Since people now understand the importance of having power back up for their home. 

How do get the best battery backup for homes in NOLA?

Check on its Capacity

Batteries have different capacities, the bigger the better. Always check the capacity of the batteries you will be buying. Getting your highest energy consumption measured in amps can give you the nearest measurement of how much energy is needed and use this as a basis for what capacity of a battery is fit for your home. 

Know its lifespan and charge capacity

Batteries have lifespan and charge capacity choose one that can perform several cycles. The regular cycle of the battery is 300 to 700 cycles, so aim for this kind of battery so you can maximize your investment. Plus a battery should resist cold and heat cycle since the temperatures changes when they are in use. 

Know its Round Trip Efficiency

The round trip efficiency of a battery refers to the percentage of energy used to store energy compared to the amount of energy from the battery, therefore you have to consider this when planning to buy power back up. Opt for batteries with high round trip efficiency.

So when you are panning to get a solar panel system make sure to pair it with battery back up to maximise your investment. You can always count on your solar energy to provide energy for your home any time of the day and despite of power outages. 

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