How To Correct Asymmetrical Faces: Face Correction Surgeries

Are there times when you look in the mirror and wonder how your face would look if your eyes were equidistant from the nose bridge? Or do you wish that your face would be more symmetrical? Because let us be honest – nothing in nature is truly symmetric.

However, if you have an extremely pronounced asymmetry, then it can become bothersome. Sometimes, extreme asymmetry is an indication of an underlying disorder. Facial asymmetry can be caused due to congenital problems, trauma, or prior surgeries or treatment. Face correction becomes important when asymmetry interferes with the structure of your face. In extreme cases, your jaw may be dislocated, or your eyes and nose may ruin the form of the face.

Face correction surgeries are performed on your face in order to correct the structure of your face. These may include a combination of different surgical procedures that may help with the correction of the structure of your face.

So, before hopping on to the face correction surgeries, let us take a look at who are the eligible candidates for a face correction procedure.


You are a good candidate for a face correction surgical procedure, if:

  1. You are physically healthy
  2. You have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery
  3. You tend to experience functional impairments due to the asymmetry in your face


The following is the list of surgeries that can help you in correcting the appearance of your face:

  1. Orthognathic surgery – This is a long surgical process and begins with the patient wearing braces for 12-18 months. This is a time-consuming process with the involvement of some amount of discomfort, but, has been associated with higher patient satisfaction. This is a highly recommended procedure for people who have extreme asymmetries and problems associated with it.
  2. Chin surgery – This is a chin correction surgery that can improve the appearance of your chin. The chin can be moved forward or backward, or the size of the chin can be reduced or increased as per the requirement of the patient.
  3. Facelift – This procedure is recommended if the cause of asymmetry in the face is purely soft-tissue related. A facelift can help in improving the appearance of the face and reduction of sagging and loose skin.
  4. Facial implants or facial reconstruction – Face implants and facial reconstruction is recommended if you wish to correct the disproportionate appearance of your face. These procedures can be used in order to correct congenital malformations or disfigurements.

There are several hospitals and plastic surgery centers offering face correction procedures. If the reason to get a face correction procedure is purely medical, then it can be covered by your insurance premium company. However, if your reason to get the face correction surgery is purely aesthetic or cosmetic, then you are likely to not receive a claim of insurance. In order to get a claim for medical reasons, your doctor must validate those documents.


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