How to Counter the Astral Comps in TFT

Astrals are becoming a nuisance to a lot of players. How can gamers counter this annoying set?

While the top comps keep changing with every patch in the TFT Dragonlands set, Astrals have consistently remained annoying throughout the season. With their ability to hyper roll and obtain six 3-star units at level 6, players who are Elo boosting with Astrals can be irritating to deal with, especially when you are using slow roll comps. This team can be hard to deal with once they acquire their Aurelion Sol unit. How does one counter an Astral composition when it appears in their matches?

How Does Astral Comp Work? 

What makes Astrals annoying is that they can get every unit of this specific trait to 3-stars at level six. The synergy allows players to acquire Astral units from the shop every five refreshes. This is a huge advantage for gamers, especially with strong carries. Astral comps can go to the Mage or Swiftshot synergies and have a Ryze or Varus carry. This team can be tough to counter once it acquires its Aurelion Sol. Players must learn how to counter this composition if they want to rank up their TFT LoL accounts.

How to Counter Astrals?

While many gamers attempt to try and counter this comp, only a select few have a high chance of succeeding. Some teams could oppose Astrals if they build their units properly, such as stacking on magic resist, ensuring a solid frontline, or having lifeline augments. There are specific synergies that have a clear advantage over the annoying trait. Here are some of the best comps to counter Astrals:


This comp mainly relies on having a solid frontline carry with a powerful backline. The main trick with this team is to have two Jade Statues and a Soraka to ensure very potent sustainability. Healing is this comp’s strongest feature, making it hard for Astrals to oppose them. Here are essential units for this team:


  • Anivia (Carry) w/ Morellonomicon and Spear of Shojin
  • Shi Oh Yu (Carry) w/ Bloodthirster, Titan’s Resolve, and Giant Slayer
  • Soraka
  • Neeko w/ Warmogs and Gargoryle Stoneplate

Potential Additional Units

  • Lulu
  • Gnar
  • Bard
  • Yasuo

Whisper + Revel

Whispers are some of the only comps wherein their units can reach the enemy’s backline. For Astrals, most of their carries like Ryze, Aurelion Sol, and Varus are always at the back. Champions like Elise, Sy’fen, and Pyke can easily reach that area and eliminate those threats. Meanwhile, the Revel carries can eliminate those in the front row to open the way to the Astral’s core. Here are the potential units for this comp:


  • Sy’fen/Elise (Carry) w/ Bloodthirster, Titan’s Resolve, and Quicksilver
  • Sylas w/ Sunfire Cape, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Warmog’s Armor
  • Thresh
  • Corkee (Carry) w/ Guinsoo Rageblade, Giant Slayer, and Hand of Justice
  • Sona w/ Morellonomicon

Potential Additional Units:

  • Pyke
  • Bard
  • Tristana
  • Lulu

Shyvanna Ragewings

Ragewings have come back and are now included in the current patch’s meta. This comp has decent healing due to the Ragewing trait and the Jade Statue. The main trick here is to have the Ragewing, Shapeshifter, and Jade synergies active to ensure maximum efficiency. This comp can oppose Astral teams since champs like Shyvanna and Gnar can gain access to the enemy backline. Meanwhile, a Xayah carries can make quick work of the frontline while attacking the back simultaneously. Here is the lineup for this TFT team:


  • Shyvanna (Carry) w/ Frozen Heart, Ionic Spark, and Bejeweled Gauntlet
  • Xayah w/ Guinsoo Rageblade
  • Neeko w/ Warmog’s Armor
  • Gnar
  • Swain
  • Any Ragewing Unit (preferably Hecarim)
  • Any Jade Unit

Potential Additional Units

  • Soraka
  • Shen
  • Taric

Scalescorn Assassin

While they may not be robust to stand against other comps, Assassin can take down Astrals at ease. This comp can easily access the opponent’s backline, which makes carries like Aurelion Sol extremely vulnerable. However, a strong frontline is needed for this comp to buy time for the Assassin units to finish their initial targets. Here are the central champions for this specific team:


  • Olaf w/ Titan’s Resolve, Guinsoo Rageblade, and Assassin Emblem or Quicksilver
  • Diana w/ Infinity Edge, Titan’s Resolve, and Frozen Heart
  • Braum
  • Lilia
  • Pyke

Potential Additional Units

  • Sylas
  • Ornn
  • Shenn
  • Qiyana
  • Talon

Note: An Olaf w/ Assassin Emblem significantly increases the chances of this composition winning.

Other Ways of Countering Astrals

Astrals are just annoying and not unbeatable. There are many ways to counter an Astral comp, even if players do not use the recommended compositions. One method is to invest in tank items. A strong frontline can ensure that carries have free room to take down units.

Several utility items are also incredibly useful in dealing with Astral units. Things like Shroud of Stillness and Zephyr can shut down Aurelion Sol, Ryze, and Varus’s ability, giving players enough time to eliminate the frontline. Aside from these, gamers can also strategically grief the units. Astrals requires them to 3-star their teams as soon as possible. Griefing champions from this trait when you have extra gold can delay opponents from completing their set.

Astrals are annoying, but they are not unbeatable. Knowing how to counter this comp can save players from headaches. Make sure to scout out and study any opponents using Astrals to avoid losing LP in LoL accounts.

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