How To Organize A Marketing Event For Your Newly-launched Product? 5 Tips

A launch event is the best way to show off your new product. It gives people a chance to know the product and how it works. But, most importantly, they become aware of your brand.

Did you know that more than 30,000 consumer products are launched yearly, and only 5% of them can make it work in the market? If you wish to organize a marketing event for your newly-launched product, here are a few tips to make the stress easier on you!

  1. Contact a brand activation agency

The first step toward launching a successful campaign is to contact experts. A brand activation agency will relieve you of the burden and ensure everything in the launch event goes smoothly.

My friend in Australia contacted Crowd Culture and was so happy with their services. This independently-run organization ensures that every team member takes care of their clients. Crowd Culture will take care of all the marketing, designing, and other aspects required in the launch events.

You have to give them the design brief and tell them your vision. Then, the Crowd Culture team will add in their inputs and tell you how to make both the product and the launch party a booming success!

  1. Keep your audience in mind

The next most important thing is to have an idea of your target audience. Who will be attending the party? Distinguished guests, celebrities and PRs, or industrialists?

Even the press and media need to present to impact your potential customers positively. Therefore, the kind of audience that will be present will play an important role in determining how successful the launch event will be.

For example, if you’re launching an anti-aging beauty product, your target audience must be middle-aged people and beauty enthusiasts. Make sure the event’s theme caters to the audience and that they have a good time.

  1. Include a good theme

Now, coming to the theme, there are many ideas you can experiment with. For example, if you wish to introduce a new digital marketing software to the public, you can have fun SEO workshops or lectures on social media marketing.

Remember, the workshops and the theme need to be creative and informative. You don’t want your guests to feel bored or blank during the launch events, right? So hosting seminars is great, but keep them interactive and lively.

Most importantly, your activities should determine the lead-in for the product you’re launching. For the best kind of thematic schemes and ideas, contact Crowd Culture.

  1. Choose a suitable venue

So you’ve booked a large hotel that looks classy and stylish but is very difficult to access through common means of transport. This is definitely not a good idea. With an event management platform like EventMobi you can ensure attendees receive all the necessary information regarding accessing the venue and registering.

If you already have a loyal client base, you can go for a location they love. The best launch parties come with ample parking space and features like valet parking, so keep these things in mind.

Go for a hotel or space with large doorways and arches so that it’s easier for the equipment team to navigate the heavy tools and things like displays, floral decoration, electrical equipment, etc.

  1. Be intentional regarding the launch

By this, we mean to keep the audience in the loop. Let them wait eagerly for the launch by releasing a teaser or advertisement a few days before the launch. However, ensure you don’t release the snippets too early because the excitement will die down.

Basically, product launches need to be timed carefully so that your customers attend the events and interact wholeheartedly. You can even plan a holiday event, where guests enjoy two or three-night stays in an exotic location.

If your budget is less, look for the peak times when the product will perform well. For example, if you’re launching a new ice cream flavor, ensure the event is held during the summers.

Over to you…

These are a few tips and tricks to remember when planning a marketing event for a newly-launched product. Don’t be afraid to experiment; always keep your customers’ satisfaction the top priority.


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