How To Smoke Weed: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Over one hundred and fifty-eight people use marijuana worldwide. With the decrease in its stigmatization, more people are curious about the benefits it has to offer users.

It can be intimidating to learn how to smoke weed for the first time. Many people don’t get high until their second or third time smoking because they don’t do it properly the first time around. The following smoking tips will set you up for a successful first-time smoking, along with every other time after that.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about smoking weed.

How to Smoke Weed

Before you get into the logistics of smoking weed, like which smoking accessories to use, you need to learn the proper way to prepare yourself to get high.

The first thing is to both know what to expect without giving yourself too high of expectations for the experience. Know that there is a chance you might not feel the effects from your first time.

If you do start to feel the effects, limit how much you smoke. Smoking too much can lead to an overwhelming, anxiety-ridden experience. However, this possibility can be reduced if you establish your set and setting well.

Set and setting is the most important thing, along with your mental attitude, before taking any recreational substance or drug. Choose an environment you’ll be comfortable in.

Research laws surrounding marijuana before you smoke as well. Look up where it is legal, how old you have to be to smoke, and if you can smoke in public or have to stay in private.

Pick out your favorite movies, make a playlist, and buy plenty of snacks. You’ll want to experience anything and everything your first time smoking weed. The munchies are no joke, but listening to your favorite song or watching a mind-bending movie can be a spiritual experience for the first-time weed user.

Choosing the Right Smoking Accessories

Once you’ve got your mind and environment right, figure out which smoking accessories you’d like to use. You can choose between a one-hitter, joint, blunt, bowl, and a bong. These are all good options, but each one will give you a different experience.

A one-hitter is a good choice if you’re intimidated about smoking too much weed. You don’t need much, and a few puffs off of it will give you a decent buzz.

Blunts are rolled-up cigar wrappers with cannabis on the inside instead of tobacco products. These can be discrete since they look like cigars. Blunts burn slowly and are typically enjoyed while smoking with a group of people.

They’re easy to hit, as you light one end and puff from the other end. Rolling them is easier than rolling a joint as well. They are a bit on the smellier side of the options you could choose to smoke, so keep this in mind if you need to be discrete about the scent.

On the other hand, joints consist of cannabis in rolling papers. Rolling papers are easy to come by. You can get them at pretty much any smoke shop or gas station.

Joints burn quickly and are ideal for smoking by yourself or with a few other people. They are hard to roll, though. You could roll a smokeable one on your first try, but it might take away from the experience if it’s not rolled properly.

For joints, they roll better when the weed is ground up. For blunts, you do not have to have a grinder. You can grind down the buds with your fingers.

Choosing the Right Smoking Accessories Continued

Bowls, however, typically light better when you use ground-up weed. Smoking from a pipe is easy. There is usually a carb hole on the side. When you go to light your weed, cover the carb hole with a finger when lighting, and release when you inhale.

Pipes become clogged, especially with prolonged use. Some people clean theirs with isopropyl alcohol. Other people may use some kind of wiring to clean out the residue leftover on the inside.

If you go for a bong over the other options, be careful. These tend to hit the hardest out of maybe any smoking accessory available.

Bongs are larger than bowls and need water to properly use them. They are also referred to as water pipes. The water acts as a filter for toxins, chemicals, and other residues in the weed and smoke.

Bongs are a strong way to get high quickly. Beginners could get overwhelmed trying a bong their first time. The hits are harsher, more flavorful, and you get high faster.

Extra Tips

While these cover the basics of smoking weed for the first time, these tips will help improve your experience even more. If you’re worried about the smell, have an extra change of clothes, a spray like Ozium, and perhaps a toothbrush. Consider smoking outside, taking off your jacket to smoke, or putting up your hair during your session.

If you’re smoking in your room and are trying to be discrete, use a towel under your door. This will prevent the smoke and smell from leaving your room. Essential oil diffusers and candles can also mask the smell pretty well. Leave a window open to let in fresh air while blowing smoke out the window.

Don’t get caught up in the glamour of the cannabis industry as a first-time user. It’s okay not to understand everything about smoking weed, the strains that exist, or smoking tricks. Instead, focus on the enjoyable time you will have, and rest assured knowing you’ll learn as you go.

Take It Easy

After you first learn how to smoke weed, take it easy. You don’t need to go overboard and smoke too much. Safety, comfort, and having a good time should be your priority when learning how to smoke weed.

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