5 Camping And Hiking Trips You Might Want To Take This Fall

Did you know hiking and spending time outside can benefit your mental health? If you want to learn about some camping and hiking trips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what camping trips to take this fall.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

1. Have You Visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Enjoy visiting the Great Smokies during spring or fall. In the fall, the moderate temperatures will settle in, and the insects are almost all gone. If you’re a photographer, you’ll get stunning shots of the autumn foliage.

You can start a 34-mile hike in the park. Start near Fontana Lake and go along the Appalachian Trail. Even though it’s popular to hike in the fall, you’ll still enjoy solitude in the park.

2. Have You Hiked the Ruby Crest Trail?

Go to Nevada and hit up the 36-mile hike of Ruby Crest Trail.

You’ll go through a desert landscape. Move toward conifer and aspen terrain, then go high above the tree line. You’ll get a stunning view of the Ruby Mountains.

Some people prefer to go camping there in the summer and early fall months. Enjoy the moderate temperature and the beautiful wildflower scenes.

3. Check Out North Cascades National Park

Consider heading to this park at the end of September.

The park is massive, with mountains and forested valleys. Check out the grand tour from Easy Pass Trailhead to Bridge Creek Trailhead.

Make sure you have the proper hiking and rappelling equipment.

4. Don’t Leave Yellowstone National Park off Your List

You could go on a 55-mile hike through the Bechler Canyon. Take photographs of the cascades and waterfalls along the Bechler River Trail. There are also quieter, tree-lined waterways where you can fish for trout.

You’ll see bears, elk buglings, and different animals. Enjoy exploring the largest geyser basin in the park, as well.

After a long backpacking trip, you could soak in a hot spring-fed pool in the backcountry. Relax for hours.

Consider backpacking these areas in early October or September. The summer months are stunning, but you’ll have a lot of mosquitos to fight off.

5. Don’t Forget Mount Rainier

Enjoy a 93-mile trek when you head to Mount Rainier. Go through valleys and lowland forests when you hike the Wonderland Trail. It’s a strenuous hike.

The time it takes to finish the trail will depend on how fast you hike and your daily mileage. Some hikers will finish the trail in 10 days.

There are 18 wilderness camps and three non-wilderness camps along the route. One challenge the hike presents is gauging your speed and the campsite destination. You can only camp at certain sites.

Have Fun Planning Your Next Camping and Hiking Trips

We hope this guide on camping and hiking trips was helpful. Enjoy hiking throughout the different seasons. Make sure you make a hiking plan for the fall so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

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