Is Bitcoin Betting a Good Way to Win More Crypto Coins

Ever since bitcoin prices registered a colossally historic peak in April 2021, reaching a market value that surpassed $64,000, a galore of people are looking for new ways to make the most out of their crypto trading activities. Given the strong bond between cryptocurrencies and online gambling, it is only natural to ask if bitcoin sports betting is the next step in the ladder to stretch out BTC earnings.


How to Approach Crypto Betting in Sports


The first thing to do is install a wallet on a mobile phone or computer to buy crypto, receive payments, and make transfers.

Once the wallet has funds in it, it’s time to pick a digital sports booker to place the bets. Finding and choosing the online sports booking site can be daunting, especially if all the necessary information to research is not at hand. The desirable features to check out in a crypto betting operator are trustworthiness, site performance, currencies, deposit, withdrawals, and payment terms, rewards programs, and customer service.


After completing the selection of the bitcoin sports betting operator, it’s time to strategize the bet.

Experienced bettors had said that sports betting is closer to stock market investing than anything else. Keeping this information in mind will come in handy to formulate the bets, and, luckily, if the gambler also happens to have crypto trading skills, the process is ten times more exciting.

Besides gathering info to actually know the stats about the team, player, league, or sporting discipline of choice, it’s in the best interest of the bettor to set goals and boundaries within the strategy:


reserving a betting fund

setting a return of investment. Recreational gamblers begin with 1% per month

defining the number of bets place per month in order to meet the targets;

running a bankroll analysis that considers win and loses scenarios

creating a personalized datasheet to keep track of events. This sheet needs to be populated with info that matters from a bettor’s point of view!

Start BTC Betting with SportBet


The skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies launched an unprecedented number of online casinos and digital sports booking websites. The bookmaker offer is so high that bettors are having a tough time choosing the right bitcoin sportsbook site for them. For that reason, it is important to highlight that when it comes to crypto betting, very few sites deliver the type of response and services that SportBet does.


Founded in 2019, SportBet has already built an outstanding reputation as one of the best sports platforms in the world to bet in crypto. Though it was created under an EOS blockchain protocol, today BTC, LTI, and most recently ETH are valid currencies to deal.


The decentralized platform ensures transaction anonymity, transparency, terrific odds, and gracious payment terms, that bettors are finding highly appealing.


The platform features over 10 major sporting categories, e-sports, and casino games. Undoubtedly, it is a great partner for newcomer and experienced sports gamblers.


Sports betting it’s fun and thrilling but requires study, analysis, patience, and discipline. When applying the right ingredients, it has the potential to increase crypto earnings and even become a second source of income.


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