Is Spotify the best music platform?

There is a real case to argue what the best music streaming platform may be. With so much competition, from huge names, like Apple, Amazon, YouTube, it is hard to choose when they all have so much to offer. However, there does seem to be one name that stands out above the rest for a lot of people and that is Spotify.

Spotify has huge market share and just edges itself over a lot of the competitors currently, despite other platforms growing in popularity over recent years.

What Makes Spotify Better?

The main focus for Spotify is to offer the best user experience possible, at the lowest cost. It does this successfully as there are multiple subscription options on Spotify, at competitive prices too. Arguably, Spotify is the easiest to navigate out of all the apps. It has a simple layout and also search options to locate the song or artist you want with ease. 

Spotify offers their customers a free version of their platform. This is perhaps the main advantage that Spotify has over competitors. So, you can actually stream music for free. However, there are some limitations to this, which include: Ads inserted regularly, no options to order song queues, can only skip 6 tracks per hour, no option to save/download songs.

If you’re streaming music on a desktop or laptop, then Spotify will certainly be more beneficial for you as it is less hassle and easier to stream music on Spotify than other platforms. You can download and pin the app to your desktop so within 1 click of your mouse you can be on the app ready to stream.

Are Other Platforms Similar?

Of course, all music streaming apps share a lot of similarities in terms of features. One of the main ones being the recommended playlists. This is an excellent way to get listeners on the app and continue to stream more music. If consumers enjoy this feature, as well as the app as a whole, they are more likely to continue to pay for the subscription.

One of the most important factors that a customer will consider before signing up to a music streaming site, will be whether or not they have music from their favourite artists. In most cases, all of the apps will feature the most popular artists and songs on their platform, so they attract more customers. Spotify certainly has all the latest music and artists, with their own top charts too.

Final Thoughts on Spotify

Spotify is a global brand. It is available worldwide and has audiences in more than 60 different countries. There are around 75 million songs available on Spotify, with over 50,000 albums and 365 million users. It could possibly have the biggest music library out of all its competitors. This provides music creators an opportunity to get their music out there to 365 million users. With the help of Spotify Marketing services like Buy Social Today, it will be easy for music creators to grow their Spotify followings and earn money.

The company does a really good job of tracking the preferences of their customers. By doing this, they can recommend new playlists of similar genres that they listen to the most. This is a great technique to keep customers on the app and paying for their monthly subscription.


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