rFactor 2-5 Things to know about this VR Racing Game

rFactor 2 is a real, easily extendible computer racing simulator that gives you the brand-new vehicles and race customization with fantastic graphics and brilliant multiplayer developed by Studio 397 and Image Space Incorporated. Moreover, you can also play this game in single player mode as well.

5 Things to know about is VR Racing Game:

Here’s the few of the many things to efficiently begin this amazing and best VR racing game:

Number # 01 Plenty of Tracks:

rFactor 2 brings you the huge number of tracks available either through the base game or paid DLC whereas many of the tracks are mods. Tracks offered in this game are:

  •         Adria Karting Raceway
  •         Alaharma
  •         Atlanta Motorsports Park
  •         Autodromo Nazionale Franco Di Suni
  •         Berlin E-Prix Track
  •         Botniaring
  •         Brianza
  •         Circuit d’Azur
  •         Diriyah E Prix
  •         Guapore
  •         Hong Kong E-Prix Track
  •         Ibarra
  •         Imola
  •         Indianapolis
  •         Kristianstad Karting Circuit
  •         Le Mans 24H
  •         Lester Special Edition
  •         Lime Rock Park
  •         Longford
  •         Malaysia
  •         Mills Metro
  •         Monaco E Prix Track
  •         Monte Carlo
  •         Monza
  •         New York E-Prix Track
  •         NOLA Motorsports Park
  •         Nurburgring Norschliefe and Nurburgring GP
  •         Palm Beach International Raceway
  •         Portland International Raceway
  •         Portugal International
  •         Quebec SuperKart
  •         Rome E-Prix
  •         Sau Paulo
  •         Sebring International Raceway
  •         Silverstone
  •         Toban RP
  •         Virginia International Raceway
  •         Zandvoort

Number # 02 Dozen of Cars:

The developers of rFactor 2 have created 71 cars for rFactor, including duplications of real cars and some versions inspired by actual racing machines. As the cars in Forza Horizon 5 Cars List here are the list of cars that you will find in rFactor 2:

  •         AC 427 SC-1967
  •         Aston Martin Vantage GT3 2019 (Paid DLC)
  •         Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2019 (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         Audi LMS GT3 2018 (Paid DLC)
  •         Bentley Continental GT3 2017 (Paid DLC)
  •         Bentley Continental GT3 2020 (Paid DLC)
  •         BMW M2 CS Racing (Paid DLC)
  •         BMW M6 GT3 (Paid DLC)
  •         BMW M8 GTE (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         BMW M4 Class 1 2021
  •         Brabham BT20 1966
  •         Brabham BT44B
  •         Cadillac DPi-V.R (Endurance Bundle 2 DLC)
  •         Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R (Paid DLC)
  •         Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2012
  •         Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 2009
  •         Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Endurance Bundle DLC
  •         Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Endurance Bundle 2 DLC
  •         Dallara DW12 2014
  •         Eve Historics 1968
  •         Ferrari 488 GTE (Paid DLC)
  •         Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 (Paid DLC)
  •         Formula E 2018 Car (Paid DLC)
  •         Formula E Gen 2 2019/2020 Car (Paid DLC)
  •         Formula ISI 2012
  •         Formula 2 2012 (JPH1B F2 car designed by Williams F1)
  •         Formula Pro (Paid DLC)
  •         Formula Renault35 (2014)
  •         Formula Vee (Paid DLC)
  •         Honda Civic BTCC (2013)
  •         Howston Dissenter (1974, Fictional)
  •         Howston G4 ( 1968 – fictional based on the Lola T70)
  •         Howston G6 (1968 – fictional based on the Lola T70)
  •         Kartcup
  •         Ligier JS P217 (Endurance Bundle 2 DLC)
  •         March 761
  •         Marussia MR01 2012
  •         McLaren 650S GT3 (Paid DLC)
  •         McLaren 720S GT3 (Paid DLC)
  •         McLaren Senna GTR (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         McLaren M23
  •         McLaren MP4/8
  •         McLaren MP4/13
  •         MCR Sports 2000 (Paid DLC)
  •         Mercedes AMG GT3 (Paid DLC)
  •         MetalMoro AJR (Paid DLC)
  •         MetalMoto MR18 (Paid DLC)
  •         Nissan 370Z 2012
  •         Nissan GT500 2013
  •         Nissan GTR 2011
  •         Norma M30 MLP3 (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         Oreca 07 LMP2 (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         Panoz AIV Roadster (1999)
  •         Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Paid DLC)
  •         Porsche 911 GT3 R (Paid DLC)
  •         Porsche 911 RSR (Endurance Bundle DLC)
  •         Puma GTE (Paid DLC)
  •         Puma P052 (Paid DLC)
  •         Radical RXC Turbo GT3 (Paid DLC)
  •         Radical SR3-RSX
  •         Radical SR3-RXX (Paid DLC)
  •         RCCO eX ZERO 2021 (Paid DLC)
  •         Renault Clio Cup (2010)
  •         Renault Megane Trophy 2013
  •         Spark Historics
  •         Stock Car 2015
  •         Stock Car 2018
  •         SC2018x Stock Car
  •         Tatuus FT-60
  •         Tatuus USF-17
  •         Tatuus PM-18
  •         Tatuus MSV F3-T016
  •         Tatuus MSV F3-020 2020
  •         Tatuus FT-50
  •         Tatuus F1-T014
  •         Tatuus F.3 T318
  •         Tillotson T4 Series Kart
  •         USF2000 2016

Number # 03 Alter the Settings:

The most basic thing to know before initiating rFactor racing is to experiment with the settings and adjust them on your comfort level.

  • If the cursor is not available, then go to the “settings” then “assign”. Select any of the available controller profiles on the left and press on the load icon. Then on the right, scroll to the bottom of the display section. Toggle cursor must be assigned to the delete icon.
  • Disable “Exaggerate Yaw” as it hides the understeering of your vehicle. If it is activated it will tilt your camera to the left on turning left and right on turning right.
  • Lastly, if “Head Physics” and “Head Vibration” is enabled it makes the image bounce all over especially on the bumpy tracks. So, make sure to deactivate them too.

Number # 04 Single and Multiplayer Modes:

Do you know that? rFactor 2 offers the players to race in single player mode or multiplayer player mode along with many features those are listed below:

Single Player Mode:

  • Practice Mode
  • Race Mode
  • Resume race from replay
  • Configurable AI behaviour
  • Depth Parameter Setup

Multiplayer Mode:

  •  Online Mode
  • Lan mode
  • Extensible server configuration
  •  Administration Options
  •  Spectator Mode
  •  Live Stewarding
  • Driver Swaps
  • Resume from Disconnection or server crash
  • Server client

Number # 05 Keyboard Shortcuts:

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you might need to know:

Keys for Driving Aids:

  • F1 for Steering Help
  • F2 for Opposite Lock
  • F3 for Braking Help
  • F4 for Stability Control
  •  F5 for Spin Recovery
  • F6 for Invulnerability
  • F7 for Auto Shifting
  • F8 for Traction Control
  • F9 for Anti-Lock Brakes
  • F10 for Auto Pitlane
  • F11 for Auto Clutch
  • F12 for Screenshot

Keys for Camera Functions:

  • 7 to zoom out
  • 0 to zoom in
  • 8 to tilt up
  • 9 to tilt down
  • 4 to rotate left
  • 6 to rotate right
  • 5 to centre behind car

Keys for Replay Controls:

  • Up-Arrow to end replay release to continue.
  • Down-Arrow for slow motion
  • Left-Arrow to slow down replay
  • Right-Arrow to fast forward replay
  • Enter for full screen in replay window
  • Spacebar to pause replay, tap again to continue
  • R to start replay while driving in single-player mode

You can easily access this VR racing game on Microsoft Windows.

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