The Benefits of Using a Powder Coating Gun

Inorganic finishes pose various health and safety risks. They’re also less cost-efficient. However, there’s an alternative. Powder finishes. Find an 80 glock kit to build your own pistol at home

This type of finish involves using a coating gun to spray powder that’s a certain color onto a surface. It’ll hold an electrical charge, which adheres the powder to the surface

Powder coating comes with various benefits, which we’ll cover throughout this guide.

The powder is Easy To Maintain

You won’t need cleaners or solvents to maintain powder. Since it’s resistant to corrosion, you will not have to worry about cleaning-related damages. The most maintenance that you’ll need to perform is occasionally wipe down your surfaces with soapy water.

The same attribute doesn’t apply when it comes to machines to apply your powder coating. Not all guns are alike. If you buy the wrong one, you may spend more on maintenance.

If you’re looking for ideal hardware to apply powder coating, look here.

Eco-friendly: It Also Reduces Health and Fire Risks

When using a powder application power tool, you can reuse any overspray or return it to a hopper for later use. Because of this feature, using powder finishes transforms a previously messy application process into one that’s economical and clean.

The EPA states that this finish also can lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to zero. And because of this attribute, they meet the EPA’s water and air pollution control standards.

The lack of VOCs also makes powder safer to use than paint. Most paint contains these compounds, which are flammable and contain known carcinogens. These ingredients pose significant health and fire risks.

Saves Money and Time

In the beginning, powder coating may cost more, But in the long run, it’ll save you a lot. That’s because it’s quicker to apply powder, and it cures immediately. These perks require less manual labor.

Powder bases also have an extended shelf life. Because of this attribute, you can store it longer without worrying about utilizing your finish.

When combining storage and quickness, you will save costs. And since the application is more efficient, you’ll spend less on paint waste.

Resistant To Wear

No matter what you use your parts for, powder coating will remain. This durability makes this finish ideal for metal parts that come in contact with varying situations. Parts that come in contact with constant sunlight serve as one application.

Some of what you can expect powder coatings to resist include:

  • Chemicals
  • Corrosion
  • Weather
  • Chipping
  • Scratching
  • Rusting

Powder coatings also give you a high-quality finish. One that won’t run or drip. These results make it so your finish keeps vibrant colors for longer.

Get a Coating Gun Today

Using a powder coating gun to apply your finish comes with various benefits. You save money, have an organic finish that’s easy to manage, and don’t have to worry about maintenance.

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