The Only Right Way to Store Your Paper Documents

We’ve spent so much time in the digital age that the thought of managing paper files is foreign to most of us. As much as we’d like to move everything online, maintaining paper files remain a common part of our lives. Unlike digital files, you cannot back up your paper files, so it’s important to securely store paper documents long-term.

What’s the best way to store paper documents, though? Read on for some creative file storage ideas.

Organize Piles of Paperwork

Long before you start filing away your loose paperwork, it’s important to gather it all together and organize it. The first step in this process is identifying paper files that can be safely digitized and scanning them into your computer or hard drive. Once those files have been saved digitally, shred them instead of throwing them away.

Next, you’ll go through what’s left of your paperwork to determine how you would like to separate them out. Put similar documents together to accomplish this task. For example, you might want to place all of your previous tax returns together along with things like old W-2s, tax receipts, and proof of tax payments.

Create an Effective Filing System

Once you have all of the paperwork together that you want to file away, it’s time to create your filing system.

There’s not a single correct way to file documents away. The most important thing to consider is whether a proposed filing system feels natural for you to use. For example, it might be easier to break your files into smaller niches like “tax information” instead of “finances.”

If you are planning on filing your paperwork in binders, it’s helpful to have these custom binder tabs. Binder tabs make it easy for you to identify each individual section of your files in a snap. Pick binders that you can easily label, such as binders with plastic slots for printed labels.

Invest in Filing Cabinets

There are many different containers you can use to store your files, but few are as secure as metal filing cabinets. Cardboard bankers boxes should be reserved for files that you’re moving between secure locations.

If you’re keeping files in your home, then a small metal filing cabinet is the way to go. They’re heavy, which deters theft, and you can lock them when not in use. Be sure to pick a filing cabinet with more than enough space, so you have room for additional files. bike 24 inch girl

Finding the Best Way to Store Paper Documents Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Digital files might be king these days, but paper files will remain a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. The best way to store paper documents is a way in which you can easily navigate through them. Make sure that all of your files are properly labeled folders, and leave space for growth, and you’ll be good to go!

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