Tips On How To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is likely that someone that you know has had or currently has breast cancer. The National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., states that 1 in 8 women are likely to get breast cancer at some stage in their lives. However, many efforts and strides have been made to eradicate or find cures for breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is in October and is a time dedicated to celebrating survivors and supporting those currently battling this disease, and women that will receive a diagnosis in the future.

If you would like to show support over this important month and throughout the rest of the year, then keep reading to find out how you can help. Here are a few ways that you can support breast cancer awareness.

Raising Awareness By Wearing Certain Colors

Pink is a nationally recognized color that supports breast cancer awareness. Wear breast cancer awareness accessories, clothes, or/and wear pink to show your support of how important research is for breast cancer.


Use Social Media Platforms Such As Facebook To Raise Awareness

Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms to get voices heard. Just about every person has a Facebook account, making it one of the easiest ways to spread a message to many people. Here are a few easy ways to use Facebook to raise more awareness about breast cancer:

Change Your Profile Picture So That It Supports The Awareness Of Breast Cancer

Some ideas include downloading a free picture for The Breast Cancer Charities or use a photo of you, your family, coworkers, or friends wearing pink. Share these images on one or more of your social media accounts, using the hashtag #PinkPose.

Make A Challenge

For each “breast cancer awareness” post you create, tag your friends making sure that you ask each person to donate to Breast Cancer research or to share your post.

Start A Fundraiser With The Support Nonprofit Option

This approach not only raises awareness but also supports one of your favorite charities.

Shop At The Stores That Promote And Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Support the stores that openly support breast cancer awareness month. Most of these businesses usually donate a percentage of proceeds to breast cancer charities and breast cancer research. If the stores that you regularly shop at are not supporting the cause, approach management and ask if they might be interested in donating to this cause.  

Make Donations

Choose United Breast Cancer Foundation and make a generous donation. These donations can be made to honor a loved one that battled with breast cancer or someone that you know that is undergoing treatment. You could also ask your care provider or oncologist about the foundations that support their efforts to find treatments and cures against this type of cancer.  

Volunteer A Bit Of Your Time

Donations are just one of the ways to support breast cancer charities. You could also donate a bit of your time. Contact one of these charities and ask if there is a way to donate a few hours of your time so that you can also join in the fight to cure and prevent breast cancer.

Organize Fundraisers

If you are interested in locally showing your support, either start or join a fundraiser in your area with friends or your family. Some ideas include:

Silent auctions

Hold a carwash

Trivia Night

Host bake sales

Ice Cream socials

Organize a 5k

There are many other ideas you can come up with when it comes to planning a fundraiser.


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