Top Features of the security cameras of the ADT Austin

This is the time to improve the security methods in your surroundings. Hiring a reliable security company for all these services and high-quality ADT security systems is a wise decision. No one is better than ADT Austin. It is a famous name in the industry and they know how to manage their security services in the area. Learn more about the high-technology of security camera that contains unique features.

Key features of the Cameras:

The security system is unique and efficient in the performance but some efficient tools make it more competent for the users.

  • The vari-focal lens provides the image by focusing it without opening case. It comes with combining DC_IRIS.
  • It contains the CMOS sensor of 1.2 and 1.3 megapixel of extreme quality.
  • The built-in-streaming server offers high quality performance.
  • It supports with variable frame.
  • All these cameras are wall or ceiling mounts.

Outstanding Performance:

The ADT Austin cameras are unique in performing the high class service and provide the outstanding security for the clients to full fill their requirements.

  1. Video Compression:

It is the feature that is highly important for the security cameras because the whole function of the device relies on it. It is the method of utilizing the codec to detect the video files for reducing the unwanted files. It helps to reduce the data smaller; the user can store more data or videos on either the hard drive NVR or the MicroSD card of the camera. The video compression is of two types MJPEG and H.264. The camera comes in the codec compression form.

  1. Remote focus Lens:

The remote focus is a specification that allows the users for focusing the camera lens automatically. It does not need to adjust the camera physically. It contains the software that automatically zoom the lens for quicker focusing and clear image. It is the best device that cuts short the hassle of the user due to the automatic functions of the tool for giving the best results.

  1. Edge Local Recording:

It is the process in which user can use local/edge as a backup to a NVR while the camera does not connect. It helps in recording video files directly and saves on the security camera. This technology is highly helpful for connecting the local network for immediate data recovery.

  1. Frame Rates:

It is a standard measurement of the quantity of frames that the cameras records per second. If the frame rate is higher, it means the video progress will be smooth. It is very important for the fast moving objects that can be captured properly in a smooth way.

  1. Sensor:

The sensor is very important for high resolution and the clarity of the image. It is unique in the function of the sensor for delivering the clear image. The image sensor and this iris of the camera perform together for the better adjustments of life changes.

About security company

They are very easy to access online and provide the high-quality services without any hassle. You can contact ADT Austin team for technical support. With the professional team, they provide easy installation and other technical services.


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