VPS South Africa by Serverwala – Is it a Wise Choice?

Whether you are seeking to grow your web business or your web business graph has begun moving upward in terms of growth, you need a reliable hosting solution. In either case, VPS South Africa serves as a perfect hosting solution for your web business. In fact, virtual private server hosting has been the choice of numerous online business owners due to its affordability and ability to meet all hosting needs.

Moreover, in brief, one can understand virtual private server hosting as the middle ground between shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. This is because it is the upgraded version of shared server hosting and helps in overcoming all the limitations that can come while hosting an online business on a shared server. Further, the VPS hosting South Africa is also successful in mimicking the hosting environment of a dedicated server and providing many benefits that come with a dedicated server. If you are looking for shared hosting by any chance, you can read this Fastcomet hosting review and decide if you want to sign up with them.

To utilize the virtual private server to the best of its capability, you need to purchase it from a renowned and trustworthy Hosting Service Providers. In this article, we will provide you with insights into one such reliable and leading web hosting company – Serverwala. Continue reading and grab all the details!


Serverwala ranks among the most influential and well-known web hosting companies in the world. It has successfully established its identity in the corporate world for rendering the best South Africa VPS hosting at the cheapest price. The company does not tend to compromise high-grade and intense hosting services or facilities while offering the cheapest prices. Moreover, Serverwala web hosting company is seen as the future of data centers. This is because it maintains as well as keeps raising the standards of hyper-scale service support and seamless network connectivity. Consequently, the company’s clients have been able to acquire their online business profitability with unparalleled ease.

South Africa VPS Hosting Plans – Linux and Windows

VPS South Africa employs virtualization technology with which the main physical server is divided into multiple compartments. These compartments function as virtual private servers while providing an isolated and private hosting environment to the users. Further, every VPS works independently without disturbing the functioning of each other. They get their own set of resources that are not shared among each other. And thus, this intensifies the performance of the websites being hosted on the virtual private servers.

Further, the Serverwala web hosting company offers the cheapest VPS South Africa. You can acquire the most suitable VPS hosting plan as the company provides a wide array of the most affordable hosting plans and packages. Further, the company provides the popular and prevalent options of operating systems with the virtual private server hosting plans – Windows and Linux.  Also, you can choose between the managed and unmanaged VPS hosting service with the Serverwala company.

Moreover, you can acquire the plan at a rate as cheap as $10 per month. The company provides a considerable discount and, it increases with the time period of the hosting plan.

Things to Consider before purchasing Serverwala’s VPS South Africa

Key Features of VPS Plans

With Serverwala’s South African VPS hosting plans, you can acquire the following technical features for your web business –

Solid-State Drives – You get SSDs instead of HDDs for the data storage space. The Solid-State Drives make use of flash memory technology, which helps in enhancing your server’s performance and acquiring faster website speed. They provide relatively high reliability.

High Scalability – Each virtual private server hosting plan enables you to scale up or upgrade the resources and hosting services easily and swiftly.

Self-Service Portal – You obtain the self-service portal that comes with the entire control panel options. This lets you implement various functionalities and routine activities simultaneously

Root Control

With the VPS South Africa Serverwala provides you SSH root access. You obtain complete control over your virtual private server hosting environment. Consequently, you get the privilege to customize as well as configure your VPS the way your online business requires.

Customer Support Service

Serverwala web hosting company provides the assurance of 24/7 top-notch customer support with all its VPS hosting plans. The company’s experts remain available round-the-clock for offering prompt responses and the most-accessible solutions. You get the possibility to connect with them via various modes of communication, including Whatsapp, Skype, Live Chat, Email, Phone Call.

Control Panel options

You get access to cPanel with all the Linux VPS South Africa. And, you get a Plesk control panel with all the Windows VPS South Africa. Both the control panels function efficiently and are easy to employ.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Serverwala web hosting company is also highly recognized for providing a 7-day money-back guarantee to their clients with unsatisfied web hosting services. So, you can rest assured that you do not have to put your investment at any risk with the company.

Robust Infrastructure and Fully Upgraded Technology

Serverwala provides the support of robust and reliable infrastructure with the South African VPS. It renders the top-tier equipment based on the most advanced, latest, and resilient technologies.

Website Migration

Website migration is possible with the Serverwala web hosting company. The company enables you to migrate websites at absolutely no price. Its experts ensure that your website does not encounter any data loss during migration.

Upgradation and Customization

With Serverwala web hosting company, you can quickly and instantly upgrade your server resources such as RAM, CPU, SSD, etc. Also, you can get your server customized as per your needs. You obtain the possibility to meet your online business needs with just a few clicks.

Server Setup

The Serverwala company does not charge for the VPS account setup. The setup is done automatically the moment you pay for your required VPS hosting plan.

Server Uptime

The Serverwala guarantees a 99.90% uptime network with redundant power and consistent secure channels on all the South Africa VPS hosting plans and packages.

Host Multiple Websites

With the company’s VPS Hosting in South Africa, you can effectively and securely host multiple websites of your online business.


After considering all the points mentioned above, we would say that it’s definitely a wise choice to choose Serverwala’s VPS South Africa. Along with Cheap Plans and great uptime they provide you 24/7 support assistance and excellent server features. So, if you are looking to buy VPS Hosting in South Africa you must check out Serverwala’s official website.


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