5 Smart Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Tough things don’t come easy, and weight loss is one on the list. Weight loss is filled with Real efforts and struggle, unlike weight gain that comes effortlessly. Different theories are available everywhere for weight loss, be it in a book or the internet. The reality is that there is no versatile plan for weight loss. Just like your fingerprints and DNA, your body is unique too, and you need to figure out what works out for you. The things that remain the same are hard work and commitment. Erik Pham, author of HealthCanal, says that more than 96% of people who lose weight gain it within a few months or years.

Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Starting out a diet plan is easy but getting results and keeping it off is tough. Let us get to know a few smart tips to help you throughout your weight loss process.

Keep Away Calories, Carbs, And Fats

Burn more calories than you take. You may start working on calories from the first day itself and can notice results in a week. The results can vary from week to week as it does not go the same way every time. You may stick to the same calories as your initial days, but it might not work out. This is because you lose water and fats, which slows down your metabolism. The body gets adapted to the initial changes that you used during your first week.

  • Lower Calories Intake: The secret here is to keep cutting out more calories every week. Switch to fiber-rich fruits and veggies because they are low in calories and also satisfy your hunger.
  • Cut Your Carbs: High carbohydrate consumption leads to more insulin production, which produces more fat cells. This whole process leads to weight gain. This is a chain, and If you do not break it by reducing carbs, you will continue to gain weight.
  • Stay Away From Fats: Staying away from fat-rich foods will assist you in weight loss, but not all fats are bad. Try out healthy fats from soy milk, nuts, and avocados
  • Do exercises that excite and motivate you. Just because you need to lose weight doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while you’re at it. Most fitness experts would tell you to do motivating exercises to keep you pumped to reach your target. For added motivation, keep track of your progress to know which direction you’re headed. Are you a biking enthusiast? Getting easy-to-install power meter pedals would make tracking your performance more convenient and objective. A handy pair allows riders to monitor their progress, paving the way for healthier goal setting.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is all about eating because you are sad, happy, or worried. Do not bounce on foods because you are suffering through emotions or hormonal changes. You cannot measure how much you eat while distracted by movies, work, and other stuff. Avoid eating while you work or are doing other stuff. Find another way to deal with emotions. Be a person who is inclined towards mindful eating rather than emotional eating.

Motivation Is The Key

Setting big goals all at once only overwhelms you and leaves you with no motivation. To stay in this game for long, you need to set small achievable goals. Winning over short term goals motivates you to look for more and work harder.

  • Record your progress, and appreciate yourself for working every day.
  • Get motivation from family and friends. Do not overwhelm yourself with big goals.
  • Start small, and then make big happen. Do not forget to add water, sleep, and exercise to your to-do list.

Lifestyle Matters

A healthy lifestyle matters because it performs multitasks. It is beneficial for health, aids in weight loss, and prevents ailments. The concept of losing weight healthily was originally published at Involve only healthful things into your daily routine and halt the bad ones. Prepare your food as it will be healthy, and you will know how many calories you consume daily. Eat smaller portions in 4-5 meals a day. Exercise and meditate as it will serve you in your weight loss process. Take your meals early and try to maximize the gap between the two main meals. Stay away from food that lures you to break your motives.

Keeping It Off

After all this hard work, you do not want to go back to the point where you started. You have got the results, now to keep the results, work harder on yourself. Most people tend to gain weight after losing within a few months. Don’t be hard on yourself while you try to lose weight. Stick to the plan that is gentle on you.

  • Take a heavy breakfast. It will keep up your metabolism.
  • Stay active even on the days when you don’t feel like doing anything. Do brisk walking, dancing, or riding a bicycle.
  • Keep a check on what you eat and how much you eat.


Making a diet plan and sticking to it seems easy until you are in the middle of the plan. Weight loss is more than a diet. It takes effort and motivation to make it helpful in the long run. Involving a few easy steps will propel you closer to your goals. Make fiber-rich foods your friend and keep fat, carbs, and calories away. Change your lifestyle in a way that benefits your everyday health as well as aids in weight loss.

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