What Are The Different Types Of Portable Generators That Exist Today?

Are you beginning to feel like you’re experiencing way more power outages than you used to in your home? If so, you’re not just imagining things right now.

The truth of the matter is that power outages are on the rise all across the country. And many of these power outages are lasting for way longer than they used to. They’ve started to make life difficult for many people.

You might want to invest in one of the many types of portable generators to get around having to live without power all the time. A portable generator can keep your home powered up, and as a bonus, you can also take it out on the road with you if you want.

Here are several of the most popular types of portable generators that exist today.

Portable Gasoline Generators

If you want to keep your spending to a minimum when buying a portable generator while still giving yourself access to a generator that’ll provide you with plenty of power, a portable gasoline generator might be your best bet. It’s arguably the most popular of all the different types of portable generators.

The one downside to using a portable gasoline generator, though, is that gasoline is very flammable. So you will need to be very careful about where you use this type of generator and, maybe more importantly, where you choose to store it.

Portable Diesel Generators

If you’re concerned about keeping a portable generator filled with gasoline in and around your home, a portable diesel generator might be a better option for you. Diesel fuel isn’t anywhere near as flammable as gasoline is. Plus, a portable diesel generator will be just as cost-effective as a portable gasoline generator.

But it’s worth noting that you aren’t going to be able to store diesel fuel for very long without it going bad. It might make you want to rule out this type of portable generator as an option in the end.

Portable Solar Generators

If you’re doing your best to achieve sustainable living in this day and age, you might want to kick around the idea of picking up a portable solar generator. A solar-powered generator is going to provide you with all the benefits of a generator without relying on gasoline or diesel fuel.

You can find a solar generator on this list that will work wonders for you. It’ll give you an opportunity to embrace solar energy and all that it has to offer. Just make sure that you buy a solar generator from a company considered the best solar company in the solar industry.

Give One of These Types of Portable Generators a Try

Each of these types of portable generators comes with its own pros and cons. It’ll be up to you to weigh them so that you can figure out which portable generator you should buy.

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