Why Outsourced Application Development Team Is the Best

Do you know the difference between the terms “offshore”, “onshore” and “nearshore software development”? It’s easier to figure it out than it seems: offshore is when you live in Europe, and your development team works in Israel, nearshore is in France, and the team is in Europe, and onshore is when you are in the United States, and the team is also there. In addition, nearshore development often means that the outsourcing team will speak the same language as you.

Hiring offshore and nearshore teams allows companies around the world to use economical solutions that allow them to design and develop software for projects of any complexity. As a result, it helps organizations achieve business goals in the shortest possible time and with the lowest budget.

Today, offshore and nearshore teams are not only an inexpensive development solution, but also expanding to meet the demands for scalability, quality, special skills and experience. Therefore, each company should consider outsourcing software development pros and cons and expanding its software development capabilities by outsourcing the development support team.


When a large project is on your lap, you often immediately realize that your employees cannot cope with it. No matter what exactly the reason is – you are understaffed, there are not enough experts or you already have other tasks with a higher priority – you will always say to yourself: “I could use another team…” Hiring part-time employees or a local outsourcing team can help solve the problem this time, but you know that this will not be a long-term solution if you really want to scale easily.

Hiring nearshore software development employees, your company instantly receives benefits such as scalability without additional costs for hiring and managing internal teams.

Acquisition of new skills

You have your own development team, but within a few weeks you may need an Android developer or JavaScript expert to help solve some problems. Outsourcing support services are an excellent choice for attracting additional team members for a specific project or task. Contact the remote support service and find an employee with the necessary skills for your project. Save time and money using outsourcing web development.

Focus on your core business

Hiring full-time employees is accompanied by related costs, as HRs need a lot of time to select resumes, search for employees, interviews, and technical tests. Every manager knows that interviews and tests for candidates can be a headache and very expensive in terms of time spent on management.

Therefore, having an outsourcing software development company is the best way to encapsulate management costs and minimize it before interaction between local management and nyashor team management. This allows you to manage a small internal (in-house) team and close only those vacancies at the local level that you consider necessary. This method allows you not only to scale faster, but also to focus more deeply on your core business.

Reduced development costs

Outsourcing projects for the development of websites, mobile games and applications require highly qualified specialists and deep knowledge, so their cost can be really high.

Differentiation of countries by economic indicators works for the benefit of all. The cost of living, employment laws, demand, unemployment rate and much more sometimes lead to a difference of more than 100% of the hourly rate between countries geographically close to each other. This is a huge benefit, as it helps to reduce development costs if you find an outsourcing web development company.

Less logistics

The decision to transfer projects to an offshore or nearshore development team is a plus for your company. You don’t need to invest in new office space and desktops for new team members. Not to mention accounting, salaries, vacations, dismissals of people, which can also be that headache. In other words, you save on logistics while enjoying the benefits.

Priority management

Regardless of whether you are a startup or an established company, you know what is the key to success – focusing on priorities!

Usually there are not enough resources for different tasks in the organization. This affects productivity and quality of work. Offshore or nearshore outsourcing teams allow you to solve the problem of lack of resources in the company and generally better manage your priorities.


Flexibility for an R&D manager is a prerequisite, but when you have a limited internal team with low scalability potential, you are less flexible and less prepared for market changes.

Having a remote support development team gives you the flexibility you need in task distribution, experience and scalability. We tell you how to choose the right team on

Increased productivity and level of cooperation

By learning interaction with team members who work remotely, you train your organization to work in a distributed work environment. It also improves internal productivity and quality of cooperation, because as soon as the organization adapts to working with a nearshore team, it will also learn how best to communicate with internal teams in another office or on another floor.

Both offshore and nearshore software development is becoming a trend nowadays and allows you to make a profit for many startups and companies around the world. The availability of outsourcing development and support services from the Smartexe team provides your company with additional advantages:

  • search for the best partner for projects or permanent support service;
  • a cost-effective solution for developing or supporting the project;
  • an experienced and responsible team.

Remember, an excellent reputation is the highest quality. Good luck!


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