The Advantages Of Enrolling Into Vfx Course

In order to create a sequence that is dangerous or difficult or impossible to simulate in real life while shooting, VFX or “Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” are employed. Basically, VFx involves use of computer graphics or computer generated imagery with real life shoot so as to create and/or manipulate imagery, thereby crafting an exaggerated yet realistic environment, elements,characters and action situations etc. VFX Animation artists are in great demand in films as well as television industry, gaming industry etc.

Benefits of enrolling into a VFX course:

Business Knowledge:VFX colleges provide students with comprehensive in-depth understanding of business knowledge including theoretical as well as technical. The curriculum inspires student to utilizeprinciples of design to diverse communication challenges including varied contexts, formats and a range of media. Furthermore, students gain an understanding of ways to channel imagination so as to create a communicationthat is impactful and relates to people and their socio-cultural settings.

Studio Exposure:The College offering VFX courses must ensure exploration, experimentation and training via a full-fledged studio. Due to this students will learn Design thinking, gain experience, build a base and strengthen theirbasics along with confidence to innovate& improvise to bring alive their visualizations. The students not only learn professionalism but also an exposure to new tools & techniques, latest software and use of AI. Thus on entering the professional field, they are ready and confident.

Latest Technology along with equipment:This discipline is very dynamic and is evolving at a very fast pace.Enrolling for a VFX coursefrom a great college will give students an access to latest technologies, tools, techniques, software and equipments besides knowledge about simulation, modeling, 2D, 3D graphics, narrative, prototyping, use of both digital and analog worlds and mediums etc. This understanding will facilitate in creation of virtual environment along with building engaging characters that are as real and is fundamental to storytelling.

Placement assistance: The placement assistance is one of the key benefits being offered by a premier college. The increased demand for VFX can be showcased as follows:

  • The demand for VFX has grown multifold due to increased popularity of OTT platform, high kids broadcasting viewership, ever enhancing reach of smart phones along with availability of low cost internet access.
  • The animation and VFX industry, by the year 2024, is estimated to rise to Rs. 180 billion-FICCI EY March 2022 report.
  • Currently 10% of the global market share in animationand visual effects industry is held by India. However this is slated to rise to 20-25%. This is as per report fromBoston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) report.
  • The revenue from the Online Games segment, in 2026, is expected to reach a market volume of US$ 1,466 m, rising at a CAGR of 11.47%.
  • The Indian mobile gaming market, by 2025, is slated to rise to US$ 7billion.
  • India’s VFX and post-production industry is anticipated to leap to INR 147 billion by fiscal year 2024 from INR 79 billion in the financial year 2020.

Thus, immense opportunities for trained manpower exist in the market and the companies depend on these reputed colleges to hire qualified & skilled talent.

Trained Faculty: The ideal colleges want their students to gain from the wisdom of faculty consisting of actual animators and VFX artists. This faculty from the industry will expose them to real-life experiencesand techniques employed in post-production. Moreover students are encouraged to handle small projects, participate in competitions and undergo internships with studios so as to not only gain confidence and familiarity in use of various software, but also build portfolio.

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