5 Important Things To Do To Keep Your Heart Strong And Healthy

We all know that it is very important to do regular workouts and follow a good diet to ensure a healthy heart. But there are various other ways to ensure a stronger and healthier heart. The heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to various organs of the body.

If your heart stops working properly, it will lead to a heart attack and sometimes it can lead to death as well. It is recommended that you should incorporate good habits in your life to ensure the good health of your heart. Here, in this article, we have listed 5 different ways to keep your heart strong and healthy.

1. Choose Healthy Food and Avoid Trans fats

It is imperative to incorporate fat in our diet, including unsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated as well. But, our body does not need trans fat. This type of fat is known for increasing the probability of heart issues or heart stroke.

It is so because trans fat can block the arteries in your heart by increasing the level of bad cholesterol and decreasing the good cholesterol level in your body. Thus, you should cut the trans fat in your diet to improve the blood circulation in your body.

The trans-fats can be described as the fats used in industry-made products such as packed and processed snacks. You should read the label of the packaged food items before purchasing them. Trans fats appear as the hydrogenated oils in the list of ingredients in the packaged food items. You should set the aim for choosing the food items with 0% trans-fats.

2. Practice good dental hygiene

You may be surprised because you might be thinking about how dental hygiene is linked with heart health. Your dental health is an indicator of your entire body health, including your heart. It is so because those who are suffering from gum diseases are usually at high risk of heart problems.

Many studies have shown that bacteria in your mouth is responsible for the development of gum problems. These bacteria can enter the bloodstream and can increase the level of C-reactive protein.

This protein can increase inflammation in the blood vessels and it also increases the heart problem and heart stroke. You should floss and brush your teeth regularly to prevent gum diseases and heart problems.

3. Sleep well                                      

Sound sleep is very important for the good health of your heart. Improper sleep cat puts your heart at high risk for heart diseases. No matter your age or your health habits, without proper sleep you may start suffering from heart problems.

According to the survey conducted on people aged above 45 years, it has been observed that people who used to sleep less than 6 hours are at high risk of heart problems. You should give high priority to your sleeping habits.

It is very important to sleep well for 7 to 8 hours. People not able to take sound sleep during summer days due to hot and humid weather. You should turn on air conditioning Sydney at your home to maintain optimum temperature and humidity level for sound sleep the whole night.

4. Avoid Sitting For a Long Time

Recently, researchers have suggested that staying seated for long hours can lead to bad health. No matter how much exercise you do a day, but staying seated is harmful to your heart health. Thus, people who are doing sitting jobs or living a sedentary lifestyle are at high risk of heart problems.

According to the observational studies done on approximately 800,000 people, it has been observed that people who used to sit for a long time are associated with a 147 percent increase in heart problems.

Moreover, sitting for a long period also increases the probability of deep vein thrombosis. It is recommended that if you are doing the sitting job, you should walk for 5 minutes after every hour. After, you should walk as much as possible during lunchtime.

You should park your vehicle far away from your office so that you can walk. Also, take stairs instead of lifts. You should incorporate regular workouts in your daily life to strengthen up your heart muscles. If you are doing a workout doing summer, you should start doing it at your home in comfort. Turn on ducted air conditioning Sydney to maintain a comfortable ambiance.

5. Avoid Second Hand Smoke

Secondhand smoke can increase the risk of heart problems by 25 to 30 percent. Non-smokers who are suffering from high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol level are at high risk of various heart problems.

It is so because the chemical generated by the cigarette smoke can clog the arteries of your heart. You should firmly request smokers to do not to smoke in a public place or in front of you. Also, you should keep your kids away from second-hand smoke.


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