9 Terrific Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Did you know that the first roller skating gear was invented all the way back in 1760? There are plenty of reasons to roller skate, from getting a good laugh while out in nature to getting rid of unneeded stress in your life. Finding roller skating locations is as simple as finding parks near you where you can roll out with your friends.

The health benefits of roller skating also extend to your physical health since you can get active and boost your heart rate. You’ll find a fun way to stay active that you can continue enjoying for years to come.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn all about roller skating tips and the roller skating benefits after you get your roller skating gear. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

  1. Improves Coordination and Balance

One of the biggest health benefits of roller skating that you’ll see immediately is an improvement in your balance and coordination. Roller skating is difficult because it requires balance, but the more time that you spend skating the more you’ll find that you’re improving your balance and body control.

It is also a great core exercise since your core strength is what allows you to maintain different body positions while skating. The more core strength you have, the better your balance will become.

  1. Managing Diabetes

Another great reason to roller skate is to manage diabetes. Roller skating is a great example of aerobic exercise and it also allows you to get some quality strength training. Your body will get great exercise while also managing insulin levels in an efficient manner.

You’ll also do a lot to help strengthen your bones and your heart when you’re rolling around on your favorite skates. Even if you’re trying to combat a sweet tooth you can still enjoy your favorite snacks as long as you’re active with your roller skating.

  1. Heart Health

Roller skating is also a great way to improve your heart health. The explosive movements that come with roller skating will get your heart pumping and add endurance to your cardiovascular system. Choosing to go to roller skating locations will get your heart rate up in the 140 to 160 beats per minute range, and the exercise is a big reason why many learn how to skate.

  1. Endurance and Strength Training

You’ll find that the more time you spend on your skates the more you develop your muscles. Your legs will become more toned and powerful because of the movements needed when you’re using your roller skating gear. It is also a great workout for your arms and your core since they’re needed to maintain your balance.

If you want an even better workout then you should incorporate some uphill sections into your roller skating workout. You’ll get a big boost to your cardiovascular health while also building up more muscle endurance.

  1. Burn More Calories

The average person will burn a significant amount of calories during an hour of roller skating. The average is close to 500 calories during an hour of skating at a moderate pace. If you’re a larger human being then the calorie count could climb as high as 1,200 calories in one skating session.

It is one of the best ways to get a great workout in while still having fun with friends. You’ll enjoy it much more than going for a jog on the treadmill at your local gym.

  1. Easy on Your Joints

Roller skating is a lot like swimming in the sense that you’ll get a great workout without putting unneeded stress on your joints. Walking and running are both jarring activities, especially if you’re doing them on concrete. These both put stress on your joints that could lead to a serious injury.

Roller skating and rollerblading are both considered low-impact activities, which means that they take a lot of stress off of your joints. They involve a fluid motion rather than jerky and explosive movements.

  1. You Don’t Need a Rink

One of the best roller skating benefits is that you don’t need a special facility to enjoy your favorite physical activity. Any place that has smooth pavement is perfect for taking your roller skating gear and enjoying the outdoors. Roller rinks are cool and they provide a fun environment to skate in, but you can’t pass up skating along the beach or through the mountains.

You can skate trails or streets and put your headphones in if you want music that matches your skating mood.

  1. Mood Booster

Speaking of moods, one of the best health benefits of roller skating is the fact that it will boost your mood. You’ll have a hard time being angry, sad, or upset when you’re whizzing around your area on your favorite skates and listening to your favorite tunes. You’ll find that these skating excursions help your mood and your outlook on life as a whole.

You can also make it a routine thing that you do a certain number of times each week to manage stress. Ask some friends to join if you want to add some social interaction as well.

  1. Social Interaction

Roller skating is also great if you’re looking for a way to stay active while also getting to enjoy some social interaction. Humans are social creatures and they need their social interaction to maintain strong mental health. The next time that you find neat roller skating locations you should look into inviting friends to go roller-skating with you.

You can also meet new friends that share your love for roller skating and the great outdoors!

Start Enjoying the Health Benefits of Roller Skating

There are tons of health benefits of roller skating that are there waiting for you to enjoy them. You’ll get tons of good social interaction and boost your mood while also getting your heart rate up. It is also great for taking stress off of your joints while building up muscle endurance.

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