How to Find the Best Space Management Software?

Space management software is a prerequisite of a hybrid workplace management tech stack. It helps managers use the available space to its full potential without adding to the cost of operations. At the same time, it ensures all employees can get proper access to space and amenities so they can perform at their best.

There are countless vendors with unique tools for space management, making it a hassle to find software that suits your workplace. So, here is the checklist to help you find the best space management software for your workplace.

Space Management Software Must Give 360-Degree View of The Office

Good space management is impossible without a proper view of the office space. And a space management software can equip you with all the toolset to do so. Make sure the tool you invest in supports interactive floor plans. It not only helps you visualize office space but helps you track occupancy and facilitate navigation at the workplace.

Tools like desk/room/parking spot booking should also have separate interactive floor plans, making it easier for employees to book their space. As for managers, they can finally get a bird’s eye view of how employees use the office space.

Simultaneously, the software must integrate digital signage, wayfinding kiosks, and IoT sensors. You get more accurate space usage insights for better planning and management.

Space Management Software Must Be Customizable

While space management tool has loads of features to help manage a hybrid workplace, you may or may not need all those features from the get-go. So, it is better to get space management tool that is fully customizable.

For instance, if your office does not have parking space, investing in a space management tool that bundles a parking spot booking tool is not feasible. You pay for a service that you have no use for. Many vendors offer differential pricing depending on features you add to your tool, so space management does not become a costly affair.

Moreover, if your company is growing, you are looking for a space management tool that scales accordingly. In this case, you should opt for cloud-based tools. You can initially add necessary features to the software and add more as your business grows.

They also do not require any additional IT infrastructure or investment. So, you can subscribe to one and get cloud-based space management up and running in no time.

Space Management Software Must Optimize Space Utilization

Real-estate portfolio management is opaque in hybrid workplaces without the right set of tools. It involves plenty of guesswork on the manager’s part. However, space management software brings all vital space utilization insights to your fingertips for effective decision-making.

With a space management tool, you get clear insights into how employees use the available space and other amenities. You can figure under/over-utilization of real estate and make necessary changes for optimal space usage.

Space management software also helps you measure office occupancy in real-time. So you can pinpoint the actual space needed to accommodate your hybrid workforce. You can implement an employee rotation strategy to accommodate employees without investing in the new office. If your conference room is underused, you can turn it into a hot desk space to make room for more workers.

In short, a space management tool maximizes your space inventory usage per square footage and reduces overhead costs.

Space Management Software Must Help Establish Flexible Workplace

Flexibility in choosing the work location and time is a precondition for employees planning to return to work. Space management software must help managers implement an effective, flexible workplace strategy.

Space management software must provide a centralized system for employees to book desks, rooms, and parking spots. Again, cloud-based tools shine because users can access them from a range of IoT devices. So, employees can book desks and rooms on the go.

It is not to say that managers lose control of the booking process. You can choose to implement an approval mechanism within the space management tool, so there is managerial oversight over every booking your employees make.

An effective space management tool must provide employees autonomy to choose their workspace. At the same time, it must streamline the booking process so you can manage your space optimally.

Space Management tool Must Prioritize Workplace Safety

In the wake of the pandemic, one cannot ignore workplace safety. In a hybrid workplace where employees randomly visit the office, the risks of contamination are high. Look for space management software that helps you establish compliance at the workplace.

Space management tools allow for red flagging workspaces so employees cannot book them, making it easier to maintain physical distancing. The tool also notifies managers when a space is vacant so the sanitation team can get it cleaned and ready for the next booking.

Space management tool also helps in establishing contactless access management. Employees and visitors can enter premises using digital/QR passes, eliminating the need to contact exposed objects and spaces.

Final Words

These are all the things that you must look for in space management software. While investing in software, you must emphasize space visualization, tech integration, and a streamlined booking process. It will help you plan and optimize space for optimum utilization.

With cost reduction as one of the primary features in the WorkInSync space management solution, facility managers can rely on the same to reduce costs.

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