How to Focus Your SEO Strategy

When you focus your search engine optimization strategy, you open up the possibilities. You start to see real results, both in how your customers engage with your brand online and with the reach you have.

Types of SEO

Overall, there are three types of SEO:

. Local SEO

If you have a physical store or location that customers can visit, you will almost always be better off with a local SEO strategy. This is because your goal is to find, connect, and get those local customers to your door. There are so many great local tools that you can use as well, and optimizing them can improve your overall success.

· Niche SEO

If your business is unique and you don’t have a lot of competition, you should use niche SEO. While technically, all SEO strategies will focus on what your business type is, niche SEO is ideal, particularly when there is a small percentage of users (local or international) looking for you. The key focus on this type of SEO is to find the keywords that your audience use, and also creating a content strategy that works to inform potential customers about what it is you do.

· Enterprise SEO

The final type of SEO is enterprise or general. International and large businesses with a global customer base are usually the ones that benefit the most from this type of SEO. It is usually paired with PPC since the competition is so high. By optimizing your website and then investing in smarter PPC campaigns, you can better capture the attention of your customers.

How to Get Started with Your SEO Strategy

It’s always a good idea to have a general understanding of what type of SEO would suit your business. While most SEO agencies can handle it all, there are certain instances where you are going to want to be picky about where you go. If your goal is to invest in local SEO, for example, then you are going to want to hire an agency that operates in the same area as you do. If you are based in Atlanta, find an Atlanta agency like YEAH! Local that offers the top SEO services you are looking for.

With local SEO, you don’t just want great SEO services; you want SEO services that are optimized for your area. If the experts behind your campaign intimately know the area you operate in and the people who live there, then you will get more targeted improvements and results.

Though rare, there are a few niche SEO experts out there as well. Rather than an agency, it is more likely that they are individual experts hiring out their expertise.

When it comes to international or general SEO strategies, it matters less who is running your campaign than it does your budget. Budget in SEO just as you would with your marketing to continually improve your standing.

Always Combine SEO with Content

Content is king online, so never assume that paying for SEO or marketing experts is the best that you can do. Create content that your customers will enjoy because keeping the attention of your audience once you first get it is the biggest opportunity for success you will have. Repeat customers are always more valuable – and for good reason.

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